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  1. Being a proud Kiwi have a couple of these kits in the stash. Just completing the Fokker DV11 which has no rigging. I am about to start the Gotha and have some trepidation to say the least when it comes to the rigging. Wingnut have some instructions on their site but are there any good downloads or clips that might help. Your advice much appreciated.
  2. Just brought one of these for $100.00 NZD at a fair unopened- bargain!!!. Anybody know of any aftermarket accessories to jazz up the cockpit.
  3. Cheers Brian will take that on board. Need to order from overseas as not available in New Zealand
  4. Thanks for all the replies will probably go the Kittyhawk OV10 OOB.
  5. Can anyone tell me a good 1/32nd piston engines kit where most of the cockpit will be on display in stead of being closed up. I have just finished the brilliant Tamiya Mosquito spent hours on the cockpit and then covered most of it up!!! Cheers RT
  6. Thanks for all your input. I need to be patient. I was hoping to build it for my neighbour Les Munro who was the last remaining Dambusters pilot. Sadly he passed last year aged 95 - a real hero.
  7. Like many other modelling enthusiasts I am looking forward to this kit. Anybody know when it will be released. I am getting a lot of different stories.
  8. I am thinking of purchasing one of these when they are released in two months. At 450 Euros its not cheap. Anybody had any experience with these kits. I am reasonably experienced just completed HH 1/32nd B17.
  9. I've had an about face and am going to build a 1/35th Academy Super Cobra with Verlinden Set. Cant seem to find one anywhere - any suggestions?. There is one on ebay but he wont ship to New Zealand - why do they advertise on ebay if they don't I thought it was a worldwide site!!! There are MRC kits but they don't look as good.
  10. May go the Academy FA18 D with Verlinden seats and Eduard Interior - thoughts anybody???
  11. Thanks everyone will take it on board. And yes I will post some photos. For Alaninaustria I flew in Australia even though I am a Kiwi started on Iriquois finished on Blackhawks.
  12. Thanks all for all the advice will take it on board. In answer to alininaustria I started on Robinsons, went to the Huey and finished on the Blackhawk in 1999. Flew in Australia even though I am a Kiwi.
  13. I have recently returned to modelling after a 25 year hiatus. I flew military helicopters for 22 years so I am over looking at them!!!!. I am now 53 and my eyes are what they used to be . I have recently completed the HK Models B17,the instructions were c--p, which I will give myself a 5/10 for and the Kinetic 1/24th P47 which I will give myself a 7 for I am not brave enough to post pictures yet. I am wanting to build a 1/32nd post war jet and load it up with aftermarket stuff I don't care how long it takes to build or frankly how much it costs. Any suggestions would be greatly apprec
  14. Just got back into modelling and brought one of these. Any aftermarket accessories available yet or any suggestions on upgrading the seats.
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