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    Easthampton, Massachusetts
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    I've always been interested in airplanes from all eras. The associated history and background of the many airplanes I'm interested in, keeps me busy. I have been focused lately on the racing floatplanes of the Schneider Trophy Races.
  1. What is the best way to remove this 3D printed cockpit from the numerous 3D printed columns? I have a 3D printed airplane kit, that was produced in a similar fashion.
  2. Yes, I also have plenty of kits to work on, so not being able to order yet another model, is not a problem. Perhaps one day, there will be an update with more information about how to order, how to pay, for this fabulous looking kit.
  3. Rather frustrating, to make contact with this new manufacturer so far. I've sent private messages to their Facebook page, the personal Facebook page of the owner, and a email to the same person, with absolutely no response so far. Has anyone been able to successfully communicate with this manufacturer since the announcement of their Super Tucano?
  4. I am very curious, was the 1/32 resin Breguet 691 / 691 project ever completed? I'm not having any luck find the articles within LARGE SCALE PLANES forums, I believe they were written back in 2014. Any help regarding the status of this project, would be most appreciated. Thanks, David Cooper
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