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  1. Goeden Dag Rogier, Thank's for your comment. Yes,i have make plan at 1/32 scale,i can help you without problem :-) A ultimate reference is this book : http://www.amazon.fr/Sukhoi-Su-27-Yefim-Gordon/dp/1857802470 I have a PDF version if you would. I can send you many plan,i'm from Belgium,this is not too far... :-) Best regards Jean-luc
  2. Hi,i follow your build, a Sukkhoi,mmmmh I have some problem to close the fuselage with the resin bay from Wolfpack,maybe with Aires it's ok.... Jean-luc
  3. Hellooo everybody, Some news, i worked on the engine,two Saturn AL-31 FP,vectorial I use the exhaust from Aires,and the vectorial engine is homemade,some adjustement are necessary and scribbing... The fuselage is cut,look how many with the original parts upper The engine Go to scribbing....
  4. Waouw....a furious man!!!! Great !!!!
  5. Hi Oliver, Another master build ! I'm happy to see you again! If i can help you,i have some good picture in detail from the Frelon ! Jean-luc
  6. Hello,some news of the front.... The Air intake are in place and corrected The front and rear panel in scratch to represent the MKI version. The front gear with many details added Go for the vectorial engine.... See you soon Jean-luc
  7. Hello, Never dispear,i'm back with news The Canard plan are finish, i try the color from the camo scheme, a little pleasure See you next Jean-luc
  8. Hi Oliver, I discover your work,a magnificent work once again ! I wanted to make on of the Konninlijke Marine,but the resin parts that i received for the convertion are horrible. It's because of that,that he stay in his box... Jean-luc
  9. Hello, Yesterday , I received the Trumpeter kit...the small devil in my head have me say: Why use you not the wings of the trumpeter? It is easier! I tried, and here is: No modification,just a metal washer either small And say that I have to cut the front gear of Tamiya to make it low...Trumpeter proposes it in the kit Jean-luc
  10. Hello Thierry, A big challenge with this kit...i have the UM from revell,same work,same problem...i have cut the lerx and now,he sleep in the box.... Jean-luc
  11. Yep Kevin,i have problem with IE for the first time here...
  12. I use the exhaust set from "Aires",here the afterburner chamber : the visibility is so bad... The front gear is down... See you next Jean-luc
  13. First step is to retrofit the fuselage to represent a F-14a from 1991 ( old gun ventil , refuel trap remove ) All the step ladder is erase to represent closed The good gun ventil in place ( Wolfpack parts) The canopy is closed,minimum details into I use "Eduard" photoetch and two "Blackbox" seat,i try to represent the two pilots ( from Academy) in a correct attitude for this scene. I use some parts of the "Blackbox" kit I cut the flaps from the wing,a hard job.. .
  14. Hi everybody, Sorry if i do not often post...my english is bad But i shall want to show you my current build,a F-14A Tomcat from Tamiya, i started with this kit : I try to make this plane : For that,i need a "Superscale" decals sheet for the marking, a "CAM" decals sheet for the data in high visibility and many other accessory... My objective is to represent the Tomcat on a catapult....the challenge for me...
  15. Yep yep The glasse is in the box ...on the model for Lier But i dont understand for the antenna on the left side on the nose.It's the threat warning antenna?Maybe a little beat but this is too late... and no problem for those remarks!!! the antenna on the dorsal spine ( at the rear) is missing,it's photoetch part and not a good fitting...
  16. Yes it is,you can found here,just for the exemple : http://www.modelpassion.ch/index.php/component/virtuemart/peintures--pigments/alclad/hot-metal-sepia-detail?Itemid=0
  17. Hi Joe, It's just Alclad paint, "pale burn Metal" and "hotmetal sepia" Jean-luc
  18. Hi Kevin, My name is : Briatte Jean-luc Thank's
  19. Hi Mark, I discover your subject,a great challenge! I follow! jean luc
  20. Hi DoogsATX, Take care with the lenght of the piston to open the canopy,the acdemy is a little beat too short. i would try the Wolfapck pit on my F-16D,it's very a great piece Jean luc
  21. HI Kev, Yes,no problem for the website,it's pleasure Jean-luc
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