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  1. Those legs look fantastic! Can’t wait until we see them on the market. Any idea when that might be?
  2. Can’t seem to find a hobby world in Ab. Any other ideas?
  3. I thought I read that MRP now has a Canadian distributor but for the life of me I can’t seem to find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  4. Very cool! I for one was bummed when the original model looked like it wasn’t going to be released. I’ll by ordering one when they become available for sure. Chuck.
  5. Thanks for the input guys. I think I’ll do some test runs and get back to you with the results. Please stand by.
  6. I was thinking of using baking soda with the CA. Any thoughts on this? Thanks again.
  7. Hi there everyone. I'm wanting to sand some balsa and overlay it with either resin or cyano to give me a hard surface to scribe and rivet into after sanding smooth. Has anyone out there done this and which material would you choose to coat the raw balsa, resin or cyano glue? Thanks in advance and happy new year, Chuck.
  8. Forgive me if you stated this somewhere already, but would you mind sharing what thickness of card you used to cut into strips early on in the build? I can’t seem to find that info. Great looking scratchbuild and I can’t wait for more updates, C.
  9. I'm wondering if anyone has tried to drill out the center core of a plastic landing gear kit legs? I want to do this so I can stiffen the stock gear and simulate the chrome shock portion by using a polished stainless steel rod to replace what I drill out. As I think about how to do this, the possible problems that come to mind are: -how to do ensure the drill is perfectly centred to the core of the gear leg? -how to keep the drill centered as it makes it way down into the leg when you drill? -how to keep the plastic leg from twisting apart as it gets drilled out? Has anyone had success doing this? If you have, can you a share your technique or any other pointers we can all learn from? Thanks in advance, Chuck.
  10. Wow! Very nice pit. Would you mind sharing your paint techniques?
  11. I don’t remember what they were charging before. Does anyone have a before and after sales price example?
  12. Not sure how I missed the data placards on Archers website before, but I found them in the aircraft section for those who are interested.
  13. Beautiful work as always Wolf. I noticed that you used an Archer fine data stencil in the cockpit. I've searched their catalogue and can't seem to find that anywhere. Can you point us in the right direction? Thanks, Chuck.
  14. Here you go: http://www.hobbyworld-usa.com/Store/index.php?id_category=1248&controller=category
  15. Received an email from Mr Molnar this morning saying that MRP no longer ships to Canada or the U.S! He directed me to their U.S distributor (so I'm assuming he can supply them) but no more direct sales to North America. Too bad.
  16. Was $11 a bottle in US funds or Canadian?
  17. So I just tried placing an order direct with MRP and when I tried to select the shipping method, it said no shipping method available. Like I said, they need to get the distribution figured out.
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