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  1. Has anyone come across regular styrene plastic card that is .025" thick (.64mm) or even thinner? I know you can get plastic shim stock in that thickness, but it doesn't accept regular plastic glue which I want it to be able to do. Any ideas?
  2. I was hoping you were going to say "try vacforming your own replacements using the kits parts as masters" so I could see how its done
  3. Ouch! Any idea on what your going to do with the new canopies to get them to fit when they arrive?
  4. Very nice Chuck. Looking forward to the next update, Chuck.
  5. Are you decanting it and then airbrushing, or shooting it straight from the can?
  6. Do you find the Tamiya fine white to be smoother than the Gunze 1500, or about the same? Just wondering if my experience with the 1500 was due to my bad prep of the can or maybe a bad batch?
  7. I’m going through Wolf withdrawl
  8. The issue I had with the Gunze 1500 might have been due to me being in a rush. Usually I heat up the cans in a bag in hot water and I shake the can for a couple of minutes before using. This time I failed to do both. Sometimes when your in a rush you just dont think! I'm going to do some test sprays with my rattle cans and do a comparison to make some notes. If they dont give me the results I'm needing I'll also do some test sprays with my various airbrush primers.
  9. Hey everyone. Doing some scratch building and was wondering what your experiences are when it comes to rattle can primers? I know you will never get as smooth a finish from a rattle can as you will an airbrush, but for those times when your in a hurry, which rattle can primer do you find to be the smoothest? So far my Tamiya fine surface primer is giving me a nicer finish as compared to my Gunze 1500 rattle can, but did I just have a bad can of Gunze? Curious your thoughts on this.
  10. Fantastic legs!c Looking forward to ordering a number of sets.
  11. Amazing product. I wish you great success!
  12. Hi Peter. Sorry to drag up a thread from so far back, but I was wondering about the above test prints on acetate. Can you tell me what printer the tests were printed with? Just wondering if that was done by your home printer or by a shop. Thanks, Chuck.
  13. Those legs look fantastic! Can’t wait until we see them on the market. Any idea when that might be?
  14. Can’t seem to find a hobby world in Ab. Any other ideas?
  15. I thought I read that MRP now has a Canadian distributor but for the life of me I can’t seem to find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  16. Very cool! I for one was bummed when the original model looked like it wasn’t going to be released. I’ll by ordering one when they become available for sure. Chuck.
  17. Thanks for the input guys. I think I’ll do some test runs and get back to you with the results. Please stand by.
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