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  1. Hi guys i am looking to build soem of these ground equipment in 1/32 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41mulyqvEML._SL500_.jpg and i was wonderign where can i get soem wheels!
  2. Good morning guys, i am starting to build an 1/32 Revell RF-4C (convert to E model) and i would like to show the AN/APQ-172 radar does anybody of you have any good photos of it? cheers
  3. Until the varnish is cured for a few days on the 1/48 RF-4E i thought to make a start on the Revell 1/32 F-4F to convert it to a Greek South Region Area SRA F-4E with Hill Grey cammo As always started with the cockpit which is fully rebuild using Revell's parts as it was not accurate i would go as far to say more Sci-Fi. Hope you like as there is still more work to be done!
  4. Chris words are failing to discribe what i feel when i see your work!!! Master piece!!!!!! As usual!
  5. WOW! excellent work mate! takes long time but its amazing the riveting!! from where did you get the pointing thinkgs for jewllers?
  6. excellent work mate! in my opinion the cables at the back of the IP are a bit on the thick side?
  7. thts good, so we can use that as a baseline to identify the depths of the tubs! the front will be easier!
  8. thanks guys, but i am amased that nobody has diensions of the tubs there must be something out there!!!!! can we have the dimensions in milimeters???
  9. thats a great start! feet inches to mm ADI and HSI?????? the section drawing would be great too please!!!! and the detpth of each tub FWD and aFT?
  10. I have some drawings that i made in AutoCAD of the instument panel and side consoles but what i am looking for is the depth of eack of the tubs FWD and AFT.... for the rest i will use what revell is given bary can you provide us with photos of the tub becide a ruler? thansk
  11. Hi guys! Just manage to get a REvell 1/32 F-4F on Modelzone sales!!!! I am planning to conver tit to an HAF F-4E SRA. This is my first 1/32 scale model.....and read all about the problems of Revell's Phantom. Firt thing i wa slooking to correct is the cockpit, but i am stragling a bit I am plannig to make one from scratch but i really dont know any dimensions etc etc etc.... Does anybody of you have dimensions or even better drawings soft copies (AutoCAD, PDF etc) for the cockpit? Any help!!!! please
  12. Excellent work Barry! The tail looks far better! Keep us posted mate!
  13. Chris AMAZING work as usual mate!!! what happened to the tornado thread?
  14. Sorry mate but my idea would have been to cut the part and make one from plastic, filler, sanding, filler sanding etc....or cut and show the internal detail. For my A-7 you can look here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.p...5705&st=260
  15. Excellent work my friend!!! amazing level of detail.... my only concern is that the tail looks a bit squashed?
  16. Hi mate! As usual excellent work!! Hope you are ok cause we havent seen any updates. How do you make the electronic boxes? Do you glue plastic strips together and then cut in size with what?
  17. Chris this is an amazing work as usual!! Two ideas about the painting. 1st. Paint interior color before cammouflage. Mask and paint the cammo and then with fine brush paint the details. (this is what i did on my A-7) 2nd. Paint cammo as usual and then mask the fuselage leaving only the open panles unmasked...and paint! Hope it makes sence!
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