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  1. had the pleasure of visiting an ex-raf chap (like myself) this week, his kit collection has to be said is pretty amazing, cars planes etc with some real beauties making me drool. Despite having suffered horrendous injuries whilst serving his positive attitude to life has really amazed me. I have the pleasure and honour to sell this collection for him, check out the Website and evilbay heritageaviationmodelsltd
  2. morning folks, with evilbay screwing higher and higher fees from everyone i've started putting our used kits on the website, big upload tonight and tomorrow so well worth a look. Would appreciate apssing the word around...thanks all regards ian
  3. for voodoo why not buy our kit...far easier regards ian heritage aviation
  4. just had a chat with the lad who mastered the lanc and mossie and it would appear the tsr2 shrunk a bit from the 1:24th we had in mind.....any interest before i spend a whole lot of cash on the masters regards ian
  5. fresh out today linky thingy cheers gents, new wheels due soon for her rgds ian
  6. it is heritage and its under way and yes its big, not as big as our lanc though! rgds ian
  7. Wwe also do a set for the hellcat and the corsair the wheels i believe are diofferent rgds ian
  8. i need pictures and i'll have a look at making one rgds ian
  9. heritageaviationmodelsltd rgds ian
  10. Bob Lawrence bought the first kit....will post his build pictures as soon as i get time.... here's an e mail from him.. Hi Ian, Cannot remember if I sent you this or not, I know you are busy & you have no vehicle but to save my nerves how are the decals coming along, I only ask as on the 5th of march I would have liked to take Voodoo to a competiton at Chelmsford & essex Modelling society, the prize is a Spitfire joy stick [a real one]?. Thanks, Bob. and the result what i'd call a result, and his e mail this morning.. Hi Ian, Thanks for making such a magnificent model, hope your sales do well for you & as you can see from the pic it has received a trophy already. Now to see if it does anything on the 15th at Southern Expo. Cheers Bob.
  11. guys name is Nick Turner, based on hase kit but virtually nothing left from the kit a thin sliver of the fuselage as the rest was modded. rgds ian
  12. hi folks, my usual standard of pictures dont do her justice. pro pics to follow. kit is resin, white metal, vac form, decals, masks and a disc of pictures / artwork.... 1st build is by Bob Lawrence regards ian
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