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  1. Heres some pics I took last night of the finished IP. I got the pit painted and Im happy with the outcome of it! All that needs to be done now is the seats and then she is ready to be installed. I'll have some more pics soon tonight if my camera battery doesnt crap out on me AGAIN!
  2. Matt, Its looking terrific so far. Im wanting to get this kit as well. I agree with yall on that one, the B's do look mean with the stripes. Keep us posted Bret
  3. Mike- Thanks bro. I was gonna get the decals from RP but they're to expensive for me right now. Im just gonna paint it on there. Plus im sure its not entirely correct, I have A LOT of close ups of this Fury and there are a few things that the pictures on the net dont show. As for the cowling scoop, I carved it out of a piece of bass wood with my dremel veeery carefully! PS if the scoop comes out pretty good after I vac form it I could send you a copy of it and the 200+ pics I took of her back in '06...just PM me
  4. wow neat. yeah I talked to paul a lot about making this version. I was gonna make the masters for it but looks like hes beating me to the point haha. When I first got the model I went up to the home airport of the Spirit of Texas and took around 300 pictures of details and stuff. he might have a better chance at making a better master than I would. This is my first time scratch building lol.
  5. Hey Brian, Thanks a bunch! I looked at your sept. fury and I was wonder what paint you used for the cockpit base coat? i was thinking of useing MM light gohst grey but it looks like the main paint in the CP is a little more bluish..maybe a drop of inter blue might help?
  6. last one hope yall like!! Off to finish the pit...more pic to come Bret
  7. Ok so Im attempting to do the Spirit of Texas Sea Fury the Stewert Dawson flies at Reno. Its not exactly expert quality or nats quality but Im veeery new to this scratch building thing. OK nuff blabbering heres what I have so far.
  8. hey ron Great work so far on the sea fury. Pauls models are just fantastic!! Btw what kind of blue did you use for the fittings on your landing gear?
  9. Well Ive got to say.....I wanna see your ways of works. If you can get an aircraft to looks this damn real OMG your a god of modeling!!! These are just too cool man. Great job!
  10. OK these are just simply amazing!! But one question...did you photoshop any of these?
  11. Both are coming along well but slow. Hope to get both finished at the same time.
  12. heres a few pics of what I have so far. Its just a rough draft but its starting to take shape.
  13. Wondreful work on the huey so far budd. did you scratchbuild those hex nuts? I tried that before and didnt turn out to nice.
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