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  1. Well, the PZL came today, and all you guys were ABSOLUTELY correct about the corrugation detail-WOW! Can't wait to start this one! Tom Krouse WELL DONE, SIMON!!!
  2. Hello- I received word that my PZL P-11 kit had shipped late last week; can't WAIT to see it. Has anyone started on (or finished) this kit yet? Thanks- Tom Krouse
  3. Good afternoon! I can't find a price on this kit anywhere; what's the cost?
  4. I built this one about 2 years ago; difficult, but very, VERY sharp once done! Tom Krouse
  5. Yes; "Fancy Nancy" was a P-400. Thanks for the tip; I'll TRY, but that may be a BIT beyond my "Skill Set". I may have to settle for the Zotz "Wall Eye" scheme.
  6. Hello guys! I recently bought the Special Hobby P-39; LOVE the kit, HATE the decal options! I built the AM 1/48 kit last year ("Fancy Nancy"), and would really like to find a similar decal sheet in 1/32. The only one I see in scale is the Zotz sheet with a "semi" shark mouth that I'm not crazy about. Any ideas? Rumors of anything coming out? Tom Krouse
  7. I agree-it builds into a REALLY attractive model-the decals are excellent, and of course the French camo schemes are a nice change of pace.
  8. All- While this is not 1/32 scale or larger, I just heard from a reliable source that the last remaining obstacle to the reissue of a "new" WB kit (the C-46) has been cleared! Nice to know they are on the road back-LOVE their 1/32 scale Thompson Trophy planes.
  9. Interesting article on Modeling Madness on the new Special Hobby 1/32 scale Brewster Buffalo, using the excellent new decal set from Yellow Wings Decals: http://www.modelingmadness.com/reviews/pre...tc/tmc32f2a.htm I just built this kit AND used the decal set, and had NO problems matching the Willow Green engine cowling using good old Testor's Model Master paints. The decals appear to be in PERFECT register-no problem at all! BTW, this is clearly MPM's best 1/32 scale kit yet!
  10. Bingo! THAT should do it! Does Hannants take PayPal? THANKS so much-the kit arrived this morning in GREAT condition. Tom K
  11. Alan- Thanks, this helped a LOT! Does anybody know where I can find a decal set just of 1/32 scale gray squadron letter markings-that's all I really need to do his "D-B" marking.?? Tom K
  12. Hello- I'm getting ready to start an old Revell Mk I Spitfire and was wondering where I would find decals to depict Sir Douglas Bader's aircraft? Any ideas? The kit decals will probably be unusable due to age, and in any case are the wrong squadron. Tom Krouse
  13. Any idea on price? I'm working on a Special Hobby MS-406 now!
  14. Jeff- ANY I-16 is of interest to me (one of my favorites); please DO post pictures of your progress! Tom Krouse
  15. I just wanted to give these folks credit on a Forum where it might do them some good; several months back, I purchased the Azur MS-406 kit, and the windscreen was cracked OOB; this had already been identified in several posts as a problem with this kit (check out Manu's build in the "in progress" section of LSP Forums). I emailed MPM and they sent a replacement-this was THEIR problem.... For Christmas, I received the new Special Hobby 1/32 scale Brewster Buffalo. It is a BEAUTIFUL kit, as is the new Yellow Wings decal set. I was nearly done with a (very enjoyable) build when I realized that I had lost the rear-most section of that LOOOOOOOONG F2A canopy; this time it was MY fault! I contacted MPM, and received an email back the next day-thay are sending a replacement part free! How's that for customer service!! BTW, I heartily recommend the F2A kit-by FAR their best ever! Tom Krouse
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