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Best books on large scale model ship building?

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What! - Ships?


Yup - I have a couple of 1/200 scale ships in my stash as I find the size and detail (and potential) fascinating on these large models. 

I am looking for which books are the best out there and worth picking up before jumping into building one of them? Not looking for modelling basics but books that could take these models to the next level would be wlecome.


Any ideas?




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It depends on the ships themselves as to what books to recommend. 


For example, the Scharnhorst has a couple of really good pictoral books that would be useful like "Scharnhorst - Anatomy of a Ship" by Stefan Daminski


Same for Bismarck and Yamato

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Posted (edited)



But I was more looking for overall modelling books on ship model building and not vessel specific books as reference material.

Any "Bibles" of model ship building techniques, tips & tricks etc.




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Ah ok. I don't know of any publications on ship building, but you should definitely check out this site for any hints and tips specific to ship kits of all kinds




There is a raft if info in that site, especially in the calling all ship fans if you're looking for a specific ship. 

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Google found these:


Ship Modeling from Stem to Stern Milton Roth.

Ship Models: How to Build Them (Dover Woodworking)

Ship Modeling Simplified: Tips and Techniques for Model Construction from Kits Frank Mastini.

Historic Ship Models Wolfram Zu Mondfeld.

How to Build Plastic Ship Models Lester Wilkins, Burr Angle.


However, it seems, that most, if not all of them, are relating to building wooden ships rather than plastic ones (with the exception of the last one)

At the end of the day,  there isn't really any significant difference in building a plane, train, car or ship. They all go together in the method. Glue and patience.

PE is a PITA to work with but it looks good and more in scale.

If its more to do with weathering, then check out that site I gave before. It really is a useful site for ship builders.  But if your firm on the source being printed, then this maybe of use: https://www.hobbiesaustralia.com.au/vallejo-book-scapa-flow-painting-and-weathering-te

I'll add this link too which maybe of use to you: https://modelshipworld.com/forum/21-painting-finishing-and-weathering-products-and-techniques/

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