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The Cavalier Mustang/Piper PA-48 Resin Conversion by Halberd Models: Awesome!

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Hey Guys,


Here's a review of a beautiful resin conversion from Halberd Models for use with the Eduard 1/48 P-51D. Have no fear, Halberd also offers a 1/32 scale version that uses the Revell P-51D-15 (late version) as the donor kit. The folks at Halberd do some beautiful work. Links to their website are provided below.







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Thanks for the comment and the great reference link; much obliged!


You are completely correct with regards to the frameless windscreen for most of the pics of the PA-48 I've seen.

That said, there is an in-flight pic of a PA-48 with the framed windscreen and the restored PA-48 on display at the Air Force Flight Test Museum at Edwards Air Force Base also has the framed windscreen.

Do you know if the airframe on display at Edwards was restored incorrectly?


Thanks, again for your comment and best regards,





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Hi John,

Absolutely. Those are two different airplanes . The restoration of PA-48 is flawless but it is not PE-1.

PE-1 (N201PE ), which was stripped for parts, so the kit represents very unique airframe that doesn't exist anymore.  

Halberd offers  PE-1, one and only and should not be mistaken with PA-48.  

PA-48 is completely different airplane and frankly, it has very little to do with P-51D.


Model = PE-1 (N201PE)

Museum aircraft = PA-48 (N482PE)


I broke it down in the above mentioned thread, including production runs at Cavalier and Piper.


Hope this helps.



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