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The Duke Hawkins series of Aircraft Detail Books: Eddition 001: The SEPACAT Jaguar


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Hey Guys!


While at the IPMS Nats in Las Vegas, I ran into the Casemate Publishing boys; nice folks:)

One thing led to another and before ya know it, I was walking away with multiple detail books from their Duke Hawkins series.

These are awesome books crammed with pics taken with a modeler in mind.


First up and one of my faves; the SEPECAT Jaguar.


Check out my review with multiple pics from the various detail sections covered in the book:





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I especially like the finish of the paper; crisp photography without too much glossy shine.

I picked up a couple of volumes while at their table in Vegas; couldn't help myself:)

Thanks for the comment.

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Thank you for the remarks and the review! Today, we received the two newest in the series from the printers: DH-021 is a 140 page book on the EA-6B Prowler (I’m very proud of that one) and DH-022 is a 116 page on the C-160 Transall. The latter might be a bit of an odd choice, but it flew its last mission in Germany this year, after a 54 year long career. There are a couple of very nice models of it in 1/72 from Revell and Heller. The books will be shipped to the resellers next week.


We’re working on a couple more for November. and we’ve got many more planned for 2022, including a few unusual ones. Sometimes, things turn out quite difficult though... Like with a big cat from Grumman; can’t seem to get any good cockpit shots of it. 


Again, thanks for the review, John!



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