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HI Guy


so today like a genius i knocked over my bottle of micro sol decal softener. so after some swearing i visite one of my only hobby shop to order some more.


i stumbled onto the Mig Decal setter and softener




now ive been using micro set and sol for ever and i got curious to see if anyone has tried the Mig product before? its been out for quite a while and Google revealed about 1 mention so im assuming its not the most popular


Any thoughts? 



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I know this sounds like blasphemy but if you gloss coat first you don't need anything under the decal, just apply with water and use a soft brush to work the water out from under the decal. Once dry, spray a wet coat of lacquer thinner over the decal, but NOT if you're using enamels. Decals are lacquer based and lacquer thinner essentially turns them into lacquer paint, making it flow down and around any details.


I didn't believe it either, until I tried it.

Do a test to see if you like it.

ALWAYS do a test first any time you try something for the first time.

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