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Hi everyone, it has been a busy time getting so many new products ready - all done as a one-man-band! Here is a breakdown


32D018  Gladiator MK I/ Mk II/ Sea Gladiator £10.50

32DO19  Gladiator Mk I/Sea Gladiator £10.50

32D020 Felixstowe  (Zebra!)£10.50

32D021 Felixstowe (White snakes) £10.50


Photo Etch

32PE009 Gladiator bracing wires £18.00

32PE010 Sopwith Camel bracing wires £12.00

32PE011 Gladiator landing flaps £8.50



32P018 Gladiator Mk I engine/cowl set £18.00

32P019 Gladiator Upper Aileron correction £5.00


Best wishes and email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested, thanks



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