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Hi guys,


Some people contacted me to know where they could get the Japanese saws I mentioned in some threads. I got one some years ago from Germany but the source vanished and getting them directly from Japan is not that easy.


I finally realized we can get some from... Amazon! Yes, this is that simple as far as you know what you must look after.


Do not simply search for Japanese saws but rather for a Z-saw or Dozuki saw. By the way, I got mine from Amazon France but it is also available from the UK or the US and very probably from their other sites.


Just one remark: take care of the size! I ordered two different ones and one (actually made in Germany) is more relevant for wood working than modelling! Not a problem to me as I already used it to cut a staircase ramp for my mum but this is probably not what you are looking after as a modeller!


The other one came directly from Japan. It is a little bit larger than my older one but has the same type of thin blade (0.15mm).


Get one and you will never look back at your standard saws to scratchbuild or cut resin gates!


Hope this helps



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