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Will anyone bring out post WW1 subjects?

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6 hours ago, MikeC said:

I did study Chaucer (14th Century) in the original at school once.  It took a bit of effort, but mostly was understandable.


The only dictionary - for cruciverbalists like myself, at least - is Chambers.


Inter-war subjects?  I've got the post-war Snipe and Ninack from WNW in the stash, looking forward to the Gladiator, and hoping ICM will oblige with some more.  Or perhaps Roden might - they have form (1:48 Gladiator series at least) in this area.  Siskin, Gamecock or Grebe anyone?

True, but more for study than entertainment...

The future could see a new golden age for ‘golden age’ aircraft. Why not?

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Lukgraph just gave us a whole pile of Curtiss US Army, Navy and Marine fighters plus their previous releases of the Nieuport 29's in three boxes with multiple nationalities. Even if they are resin, they are between the wars and look pretty fine. You can fill a display case with just planes from the 20's and 30's from all the options. Most of them are resin, but there are a lot of injection molded kits.



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