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Archer Fine Transfers


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6 hours ago, LSP_Ray said:

Was looking for some cockpit placards in my stash and came upon on some of your old stuff. These look familiar?


I have about a half dozen different sets of the prop stuff. Too bad I lost the info card on the command pennants; I would have liked to have seen it now. Note the copyright on the Rotol prop logos on the right is 1996, the Hamilton logos and data is several years later. Notice also the two have the same catalog number!

I don't have any of the noseart transfers; never even saw them! I must have hundreds of the AFV stuff, though, including the generic plaques which also work for aircraft!


Yea, I didn't start printing my own transfers until '96. Before that I had everything printed by a shop in Miami under the name "Vondracek Custom Dry Transfers" with the same Archer logo which I chose because I'm a Sagittarius. When I moved to NC I became active on the models.rec.scale bulletin board after a short hiatus. One of my customers said "It's good to see the archer logo back again." and that's how the company name changed to Archer. 


A good friend of mine, Dick Vincent did all my bagging with the hand written tags back then. Dick and I are still best of friends and a charter member of our Breakfast Club which meets every Sunday morning at the Hometown Cafe in Franklinton, NC. 


Did a quick Google and found some pictures of some of the nose are we were printing back in the day. Believe it or not but when White Dog Decals tried to advertise these in Fine Scale Modeler they rejected the ad because of nudity. I still have all the digital files for these and the other aircraft transfers from back then. 



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