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Ok, my frustration with this kit boiled over a bit and I had to go off and build something else for a while. As you can see by my last picture, I've been having issues with the wheel wells. Basically they don't fit, I mean not even close to letting the lower wing fit or the upper wing line up at the wing root. Also, from the pictures below you can see the resin sections are way too small, not sure if they have shrunk or what.






The under carriage looks like it's going to be real trouble to make fit properly too. So, I have made the decision that I'm going to rip out the wheel wells, close the gear doors and stick it on a pole 'in flight'. I've already been through the stash to see what pilots I have. I think a Bf 109 pilot will be fine.




I'm starting to realise why I've not seen many of these actually built. Oh and I still have to sort out the spinner which is way too small to fit the fuselage. Grrrrrrr...

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One way to get around a huge glitch..I think it will look great in flight mode.


There's always a solution to every problem and I knew you'd sort it ..


Good luck with the Pilot and quite

Looking forward to seeing it done.


Keep up the good work. Keep calm and drink tea !



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Ah yeh, I know, I was kinda hoping I'd fly under the radar so to speak lol. You've caught me.


It will definitely be posed in flight, I just haven't really done anything on it since the last update. I still don't know what to do about the spinner, it's badly under size.

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