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Auto Signature Guidelines

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Many members have auto signatures at the end of their post that may show pictures of their favorite plane, what they are working on, automated adverts, a little bit of humor, a list of projects on the go or in some cases all of the above. 
The problem is some of these signatures are getting to be enormous.  When these signatures start getting half page to full page in size it not only clutters up the forums, gives members finger cramps from scrolling (in some cases by the same picture signatures over and over) and generally makes the thread distracting from the original topic. These signatures with big pictures, especially the automated ones, can render that thread slower to load. Members with slower devises or slower internet connections are forced to endure painfully slow loading threads.
Staff are asking all members to limit the picture size in their auto signature to around 400 pixels wide x 150 pixels tall, if text is to be included with the picture we ask that it be limited to 4 lines or less. We would also respectfully ask that images be limited to one per signature. Multiple smaller images, are just as distracting as single larger images.


Staff reserves the right to edit this area of a members page, if need be, for compliance to these guidelines.
We appreciate your cooperation. 

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