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Santa Maria, no idea of the scale though.

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This was an old bagged kit (without instructions) I had lying around so I started it & it was surprisingly fun to build, even the rigging probably because its not too complicated.

It finished up around 13" long.









Happy modelling everyone,



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I remember that one, and being 9 or 10 years old and really wanting it. I built it in a few weeks during Christmas break. Years later I saw a painting that must have used it as a "model" and had the three ships sailing off the edge of the world. Cool image to remind us that it didn't happen... so don't listen to the naysayers.


I really like this one. Great build. I recall that the figures were about the same size as the smaller Revell Mayflower, the larger Cutty Sark and Constitution kits and looked like about 1/72 scale, but were quoted at about 1/96.



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:m0152:  THAT IS FANTASTIC...In MY opinion the rigging is EXCELLENTLY done ..looks taut and delightfully reminds ME of old  sailors on them on their way to the NEW WORLD..  I LOVE THE little touches on the deck and the flags ..did you make them from scratch  because Sir that Ship is TOP NOTCH :wow:and looks SO REAL..


All you need now Smudger  is a well polished mahogany stand with a brass plaque..


she looks very professional... :yahoo: :thumbsup: :bow: :clap2: :bow:


Loks the BIZ!!!

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