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Hi folks,

Here's a look at a resin aftermarket diorama accessory by Aires' sub-brand, Aero Bonus.

This piece is a waste oil tank and composes several resin parts.


Packaged in Aero Bonus's usual style of cellophane envelope and stiff card inner, this little kit also includes a small decal sheet.



The single folded instruction sheet gives assembly instructions and suggested colour call out plus decal placement.



The resin components are beautifully crisp with no visible flaws and offer the modeller the choice of full or stowed height tubes. The tank handle is commendably thin.




This should assemble simply using CA or other suitable adhesive. I'll post an image or two when I've built it.


Incidentally, does anyone have any images of these devices in use so that I can get a feel for the level of weathering and soiling one might see please?



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Thanks for the reviews Guy, I have a few similar already, looks like I'll be buying some more...


Had a search for some photos, couldn't find anything apart from http://anikcorinstallations.com/lubrication-equipment-installations-services/ I imagine they'd be kept pretty clean for health and safety reasons.

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Thanks for the link Andy. Interesting to see one in green. I'll probably go with the instructions and stick with red for this one though.

I suspect you're right about the cleanliness too. I'll keep any soiling to a minimum, cheers.


Hi Mike, I'd quite like to know where to use this dio accessory too. Perhaps if you find out you can let us know?




One thing to mention before I go. The decals are very thin and enjoy sticking to themselves. Copious amounts of water help but it is extremely easy to stuff them up (perhaps that's why there are four yellow bands on the sheet?).

I'd recommend using patience and great care.


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Hello folks.

I managed to finish this one off. In accordance with Andy's recommendations I kept the weathering to a minimum.




I also managed to cope with the decal so no drama on this occasion. I did, however, manage to knock the resin handle off so the one you can see is scratch built from wine bottle foil.



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