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Who's doing what in the Group Build

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If you're joining the Group Build, Please start your build log with a picture of your project preferably with the box open and any aftermarket items and a description of what you're going to build.  I will then add you to the list you see here. If you would like to have general discussion  about the Group Build, Please go ahead and do that on the discussion thread we started previously. Thanks and have fun building!  :) 



A-26 Invader




Nic C.D.



Barry F-100F - USAF 

kaiyudsai  F-100D - USAF


Clunkmeister      F-100D USAF     Buddy Build

Av8shunmodels  F-100D USAF     Buddy Build



Lee White - USAF




Dave Williams  F-104C USAF

dmthamade     F-104C USAF  Complete

Tim W             F-104C USAF

Itsmyonlyvice  F-104C USAF


F-4 Phantoms


Dora9                 - F-4J USMC     Complete

Ade Rowlands   - F-4J USMC

Bill Cross           - F-4J USMC      Complete

Bill_S                 - F-4J USN
Scott_T             - F-4E USAF
P Stoner            - RF-4B USMC

P Stoner            - F-4B USN
Harvey               - F-4D USAF
Ghatherly          - RF-4C USAF
Bruce                - F-4E USAF       Complete

Jeff Herne         - F-4E USAF

phantom           - F-4D USAF

M.Dragon         - F-4 D USAF      Complete

M Dragon         - F-4J USMC






Bruce               - Mig 17F

Olgerd83          - Mig-17 PF                           

marauderdriver - Mig 19S / F-7                     Complete                                                            

mark31             - Mig-21MF
BragG              - Mig-21MF                              Complete 
Girlscanplay2   - Mig-21MF                              Complete    

Zero77              -Mig 17F 

Rick Griewski   - Mig 21

Andromeda673  - Mig 15                                Complete     


A-4 Skyhawks

blackbetty          - A-4C Skyhawk USN             Complete

Av8shunmodels - A-4F Skyhawk USN

andromeda 673 - A-4? Skyhawk USN             Complete

Dave Roof         - A-4E Skyhawk USMC 

Rob Colvin         - A-4? Skyhawk USN    

dmthamade        - A-4F USMC                        Complete

andromeda 673 - A-4? Skyhawk USN             Complete  

Daniel Leduc      - A-4E USN  

karimb                - A-4M USMC                        Complete 

Brenhen              -A-4F USN                            Complete


F-105 Thunderchief



marauderdriver - F-105D   USAF                   Complete 

Youngtiger 1     - F-105D USAF

Reconspit         - F-105D  USAF                     Complete

dora9                - F-105D  USAF                     Complete



BloorwestSiR - UH-1C Army                            Complete 
Iain (32Sig) - UH-1 Army

LSP_Typhoonattack - UH-1B Army

Petrov 27 - OH-6A Cayuse Army

MostlyRacers  - HH-43 Huskie 

Blackbetty     UH-1C USN



F8F Bearcat


Martinnfb - French Indochina

TimW - French Indochina

AndersN - French Indochina


F6F Hellcat

Dutik - French Indochina


A-6 Intruder


Ted Barrett - A-6A USN

Uncarina     - A-6A USN 

Stusbke      - A-6C USN

Ziggyfoos    - A-6A USMC   

Vitali            - A-6B USN

Tim W          -A-6A USN  Complete

Reconspit   - A-6A USN  Complete


A-7 Corsair II


Tony T           - A-7E USN

phantom        - A-7D USAF

Joe Osborne  - A-7E - USN 

Joe                 - A-7D USAF


F-8 Crusader


JohnB -           F-8E USN            Complete   

Tony T -          F-8J USN

EmperorKai -   F-8E USMC        Complete

Reconspit -     F-8E



F-5 Freedom Fighter


BloorwestSiR - F-5C Skoshi Tiger




Dora9                - A-1H  USN

LSP_ Paul         - A-1H USAF  Complete

Vandy 1 VX 4    - A-1H USN   

Clunkmeister     - A-1H USN    Complete

Mark 31             - A-1H USN

Loic                    - A-1H/J USAF   

Alaninaustria      - A-1H USN   






Cessna O-1


Derek Bradshaw - O-1E USAF


Cessna 02


N312RB                02 - USAF 



maruderdriver              Complete


M Dragon                     Complete  

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