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1/32 Mantz NX1204

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Scored a Revell 1/32 P-51 B kit, ordered "Wet Wings & Drop Tanks" & Excalibur III so I can start researching and figuring out what I need to mod on the B to make it a C, and figure out how to make cuffless prop blades for my Paul Mantz NX1204 Race #46. I did find a pair of photos of what I believe is the red version, but with Glenn McCarthy's Latin American on the side, I hope to do this version. This should be circ. 1949 or later, as NX1204 was repainted Mantz Red for 1949, and became race 46.


Photo credits: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives






Recieved the books and started the build Sunday night, here are a few in progress pics..






Reshaped a cuffed prop to resemble a cuffless Hamilton Standard



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Guest Peterpools

Off to a flying start. Lookin good!


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Don't know if you've seen these photos from the LIFE archives, but here ya go....












These are only a few from my files. If you have a problem finding them yourself and would like to see more, let me know and I could send you the rest of what I have..

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do you have to do anything special to see those photos?as I cant see anything at all except that the photos are moved or deleted. :notworking:


and while on the subject of photos, xmh53wrench, the photo that you have posted with credit to San Diego. Well I have been there and have seen that some time back..COOL pics by the way... :speak_cool:

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How's it going? :hmmm:


Well.....I have really failed on keeping up with this one....

I managed to assemble the fuselage and wings. Get her all sanded and painted red....

And there it sits stagnated. I had a fellow get in touch with me who may know a fellow, who knew a fellow that may remember the exact coloring of the lettering. But have yet to hear back from him. I really dont want to paint the striping and lettering more than once, and I am really hoping that it doesnt end up being green. But, alas, if that is what it turns out being so be it. So I have shelved it awaiting further information :(


But here it is in all its red glory....



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