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Pre shade flat black?

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Hello I just had a quick question about pre shading for flat black. Do I ?


A. Pre shade with a gloss black so it comes through more?

B. Skip the underside pre shade because you wont see it anyway?

C. Pre shade with flat black as usual?

D. None of the above (suggest something else)




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This is always a tuffy. The way i approach it depends on what i'm painting.. cockpit interior parts or aircraft undersides for example. I rarely if ever use straight flat black. I usually either use a dark gray or lighten the black up a bit.. then you can preshade with the black and work the lighter color out to the panel edges. If it's on a cockpit, i'll base paint a dark gray (usually Tamiya german gray or Vallejo dark rubber mixed with black 50-50) and then add washes with lamp black oil to darken the corners. Works pretty good for me in these situations. Another option is to use some lighter washes/filters in panel centers or drybrushing a slightly lighter color.


Just my 2 penny's worth..




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If I'm doing a cockpit interior, I use a black base coat followed by dark grey shades sprayed from above where possible to give natural shadows. I usually use a pure black wash, "Badab Black" from Gamesworkshop is excellent for this as it dries to a nice flat finish, I then use a pale grey or white dry brush followed by picking out details in the relevant colours.

For exterior surfaces, I pre-shade in gloss black, usually Humbrol 21, and then use Xtracolour Tyre Black with a tiny amount of red or dark brown added to take the blackness down a notch. I've also experimented with adding dark green or dark blue to the Tyre Black and this also works. Anyway, just my tuppence worth.

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