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looking for pics / info on Ju88 A-1 with beam MGs...

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Hi there,


Eagerly awaiting my Ju88 delivery, I am thinking of doing 3Z+HN W.Nr.7112 of 5./KG77, as pictured on the front of John Weal's Osprey publication


Anyway, AIMS decals suggest this aircraft had beam MGs fitted, although the picture on p58 of Weal's book is not clear enough to confirm.




can someone confirm this was the case (if so, just one MG, or one each side?) and also exactly how were they set up / positioned?


i am sure there was some discussion here about them but i can't find it!


i have just searched the monster Ju88 detail thread, but may have in my haste missed it...


any help / good memory appreciated!





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steve hi,


thanks for the post - nice pic showing the rear guns, but i was talking about BEAM machine guns ie they poke out of the side windows, not the rear.


i had a look at AIMS decal site on a larger pc screen and could see in their representation the MG in the side...but it's difficult to make some changes to the kit on the basis of this drawing alone.


i had another look at Guttorm's BIG Ju88 thread and it's not there - so maybe i saw it somewhere else, or maybe i imagined the whole thing?! :)


oh well...i'll keep on searching / hoping that someone can help out...


cheers again though Steve,




PS looks like 1-0 up with 2 to play in the Ashes eh? :(

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this was often field modifications ( with the two side Mg`s ) so i think you are pretty safe to go with one or both :)

from the A5 and up they actually made the windowframe with the mounting but without mounting the gun itself so it was up to the crew if they wanted Mg`s on the side :(


lots of different mod`s on the A1 to A5. some even had a extra Mg 15 in the glass nosecone ;)

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on this early 88 A1/A5 ( field modifications ) one can see that the Mg 15 on the right side is on the forward window of the three side windows. and on the middle of the three sidewindows on the left side )

the mounting used is actually same used on Ju 52 sidewindows ! ( early type ) note that the Mg on the right side is position lower than on the left ( this is due to the bordfunker seat on the left side so a low position would not fit


later types all had them in the middle windows and high up ( it was a extra steelbar in the middle with a round hole on top to fit the ikara ball if desired to mount Mg 15`s on the side !


hope this helps a littlebit


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and the mountings for the guns are those two "arms" you see sticking up behind the main canopy. the A5 we salvaged had just the same mountings. very easy to fit the Mg in..one just slide the Mg down into the bracket


in the nose you cans ee on this picture where it was placed ( it used the same mounting as on the right side seen on above picture )

this was a typical field modification. the cover will be the same as seen on our front canopy when used on the nose like this ( fabric sock around the hole covering the gun barrel a small portion out in length )


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here is two unusal pictures ( the unusal thing is the placment of the side beam Mg`s..note that they are located on the upper windows. but the most common place to put them was on the lower ones ( as seen above in the thread )

but again..firld modifications is firld modifications..and all that depends on what the crew want. its reported over 9000 fieldmodifications on the Ju 88 so we will never know them all :) but its good to have pictures as referance :(


and its also notworthy to see that again..they are on different locations on each side. the left one is up front and the right is further back on the other Ju 88. but again..field modifications ;)



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thanks again Guttorm - nice pictures and a great explanation.


i guess the "icing on the cake" would be a close up pic inside the cockpit to see examples of exactly how / where the bracket / gun support was fixed to the cockpit interior. i don't ask for much do i??? ;)


either way, i know exactly what will happen:

when i finally get round to making this bird, and putting the extra guns in, i will then suddenly come across a really clear picture of the aircraft showing i have put the guns in the wrong windows! DOH!!! :)





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Hi Nick,

I was looking for the same information over on Hyperscale a while ago. I am hopeless when it comes to computers in general and linking items in particular but if you will search for "Rich S . beam defensive armament JU-88 follow up" on 3 July in the Hyperscale forum you will find some photographs from Greg Taylor that you may find useful. They show the later twin mounting at the rear of the canopy as well as the beam mountings.


Hope this helps,


Rich S.

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hi Nick


glad i could help. i know that you are making a specific 88.. do you have any pictures of i can see.

I am now in Bergen on work ( arrived tonight with the 8o`clock plane ), so i only have my portable with me. but i think i have some pictures at home of the A5 ( paperpics ) with the mountings. but if i could see a real picture of the 88 you are making perhaps i can see some details there and then i will know what kind of mountings it has :blink:

will be back home on friday and will look thru my pictures and scan some for you :)



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hi Guttorm,


thanks again for all your help!


the only picture i have seen is in Osprey / Weal's book Ju88 Kampfgeschwader on the Western Front - there is a picture of 3Z+HN on p58.


(sorry my scanner doesn't function at the moment)


the pic is mainly of flight crew relaxing in sunshine, and the aircraft is only in the background: i think i can just make out one of the beam guns, but it is soooo tiny it could be anything!


i will ask AIMS decals if they have any shots of it, as they have chosen this aircraft in their decal set, and they specifically mention it has beam MGs on their website, so we'll see what they say.





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