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R Palimaka

French Aeronavale Roundels...

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I am planning to do a 1/32 Aeronavale Seafire XV, and possibly a III, and was wondering if anyone knew where I could find the dimensions of the roundels used on these aircraft. Secondly, are there any decals available that would work? Were those roundels to a standard size so that I could use the ones available for the Hellcat or Bearcat?


Looked on Google but no real help...lots of photos and profiles but no measurements.




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Hello Richard,


There were various size of roundels for the period and it changed according to plane.


Indeed, for the Seafire XV some Hellcat one might do the trick, but not the Bearcat ones (these were not used by Navy and don't have the anchors on it). One thing to know a bout french Seafire XV is that they had the A frame arrestor hook, not the stinger type.


For the Seafire III, some british inspired roundels were used W/ or W/O anchors and/or Yellow outside ring.


As soon as you will be fixed on a scheme I can double check with two books I have about french Spitfires and Seafires.


Last, on the decals front, Carpena, a french decals maker, did some generic french navy roundels and I think the larger ones could be used on a XV. IIRC, another french brand, namely Berna decals may have something in his range, too.


You might want to check the following link, altough in french, they have an illustrated list of available references from Berna. I never ordered from them so can't talk about their service. linky.


And to complete, I must have in the decal bank some old Carpena seafire Refs. in 1/48, so it's a rapid calculation to obtain 1/32 size of roundels.


I'm in office right now, but can check tonight at home and come back to you with measurements.




Stef (#6)

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