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Has anyone used MM Red Putty?

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Is this product suposed to be the consistancy of whole milk? If so why the *&%*% is it called "putty" and not "liquid?"


I am wondering 3 things here:


1) Did I get a bad batch of this stuff, and is it not designed to be runny?


2)If anyone here uses this stuff...given that it's like using a liquid...how do you do it?


3) With the bevy of warnings on the front, is it even worth risking my Liver over? :ph34r:


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Hi Chris,


I use it all the time. You should NEVER use it directly from the tube. Swish the tube (with the cap on of course) a few times. Stir with a long stick or something similar after you remove the cap. Then squeeze out what you think you'll need. Apply with a tooth pick or some other sort of tool. I have always liked the end results. It wet sands great.



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Wow, that reminds me of the Dr. Microtools red putty. The first issues of the stuff were fantastic but something happened (either with the formula or the company) and later tubes of the stuff were just like the stuff you're experiencing. If it's any help, we used to put the Dr. Microtools junky stuff in the fridge. That seemed to help the consistency issue a bit.


Now I use automotive spot putty which is essentially what all this hobby stuff is. Acryl Blue I hear works very, very well but I've not used it yet. I think 3M makes it. I've still got a gigantic tube of some other kind of spot putty (the name eludes me for the moment but it IS the same color red as MM putty and actually works). It comes in a yellow tube about the size of a newspaper roll (yeah, it's big) and costs around $10 or so. (that was a several years ago....LOL, it's still holding up and I've got more than half a tube leftl) I'm not as prolific a builder as I used to be and the kits are generally getting better and better so the putty use has gone down, and down. :ph34r:





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If you only ever build Hasegawa Doras you'll never need the stuff... :ph34r: :ph34r: :lol:


my skin itches just looking at the pic....


Maybe the liquid state implies that its drinkable....hence the warning....

It should have another label saying

does in 10 minutes what a lifetime of Scotch abuse will do to your liver.

That would really put you off using the stuff.



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and the flash vapour warning too...don't eat Vindaloo and then model immediately afterwards..one good fart and its "look honey I'm Chris plastichands"....

this stuff sounds like something special forces squeeze into locks to blow the doors....



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Well I tried it as a scalp massage and that didn't go so well. Gotta expand my hat collection now, but my skull has a great finish on it now...no gaps at all and should take paint an decals with little or no sanding.




Ok, but does it ever resemble actual "putty" or does it need to be worked in a liquid state? Just the idea of stirring this stuff makes me nervous. Not to mention the fact that if I just look at the tube the whole house starts smelling like a biohazard prep tent.

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If you've gaps in your cranium, your in the wrong forum mate....


If your little one starts growing facial hair and talking in a deep voice, I'd get some free legal advice.


Milliput is much kinder and its sets underwater too, "take two bottles in to the shower? not me i use filler and go".

As time management goes, filling and sanding whilst taking a dip has to be the most productive use of free time yet invented...er maybe not....( as little Sherlands and Olivers prove...)


keep taking the mixture.


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