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Hans beat me to it... He-219A-7 Combat Models

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Hi Thor


Do keep us up to date. I will also follow this thread as I'd like to see this finished. Did you consider casting the DB 603 in resin? I'm sure many of us have projects which would benefit from such a part.





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Hi guys- Thanks for the interest-


YO Ronnie! How are you getting on up there? Not to worry- The 219 is my favorite aircraft, and I am putting the time in to do this thing right-


I will post some more pictures when I can- I am waiting to purchase a proper lense for the wife's camera- The ones she has will not take detail shots of anything of mine!




The parts breakdown of the 603 is such that it could be cast- I have a friend of mine looking at options right now on it- I can cast, but, he knows a ton more than me about mold making- We'll see if we can get it to work- Stay tuned!!!!!!


Thanks Again-



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