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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I'm looking for pictures showing the seat support on the table or bench. I searched in the internet but all pictures are only showing the top and current for me the lower part is importand. Finally the 3D drawing is almost done and before the 3D print in 1/32 start, I would like to know how good the drawing is. So does anyone of you have a seat support stored in the basement and can take pictures for me Drawing of the seat support ( was very time consuming for me) and finally the Armor-plate were the seat-support belongs Regards Ralph
  2. Hi Guys, I'm supposed to be building six FW-190D models but I got myself into a bit of a challenge with other modellers who are building the Jerry Rutman P-51B resin kit. Now I've already built the Revell D and rebuilt the Trumpeter B (as a C) and fancied another build but can't find the JR resin for love nor money and certainly didn't feel like another Trumpeter kit. So I decided to do a conversion of two Revell kits, the newer D with the spine of the old (read: ancient!) B. Here's how the fuselages line up. Not bad. Here's my proposed changes to the wings, new panel lines and shorter ammo boxes. Not exact yet, just fibre penned to guestimate what I need to do to it. Where to cut the old B fuselage. The B fuselage parts cut out and the marked up chop on the D Well, can't stop now else that's two kits ruined! All taped up to cement the spines to the fuselage halves. And what I've got at the moment. As you can see, it's a start but there is lots and lots of graft and elbow grease needed still. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  3. From the beginning this was intended to be a no-stress, fun build - and it was! Here is my $12 Revell Mustang III, ill fitting bits and all. I had a lot of fun building it, not stressing over the many ill fitting panels, and while it is barely even worthy of display anywhere, especially given the level of expertise on this site, here we are! Honest to goodness I bought it for $12. Cost me more to buy the paints for it! I will probably go back and paint the yellow leading edge band at some point. I had great fun with the decals, working them down over the VERY prominent rivets. In real life, I wonder if the thing even would have flown with all the air resistance! Those of you with eagle eyes will notice the two different sizes of 'G' on the fuselage. Yeah, well.... I had a devil of a time with the first G, it kept folding in strange ways. I thought I'd be smart and try a different way to get the other G on, and completely botched it. Oh well. And you will notice one elevator is mostly gray, while the other is camo. Yeah, my bad again. Painted one of them upside down (off the plane). Like I said, no stress! And I was getting ready to go all crazy detailing the wheel wells, till I noticed Revell doesn't provide any linkage to pose the doors open. Which is screwy considering how much detail they mold into the wheel well itself. Sooo.. got some Blue Tack and positioned the doors coming open (or closed depending on your perspective). I like that actually. I may go back later and do some weathering, oil stains, etc. We'll see. I'm already have way through a 1/72 Helldiver that was given to me so talk about a shock of scale! Thanks for looking and for all the nice comments here and on my other builds. It's fun!
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