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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well and staying healthy in these challenging times. While I have to work at home (and I'm extremely grateful I still have a job ) I'm also taking the opportunity to work on a new project. This time I chose Tamiya's 1/32 scale F-4EJ model which I plan to build as a Black Panthers squadron bird. These aircraft wear the same attractive sea camouflage as their successors, the Mitsubishi F-2. Unfortunately, finding enough reference pics has been a challenge so fare with very few available online. I did find multiple pics of the RF-4EJ wearing the same camo which I plan to use, too. The overall kit quality is good but definitely not at par with Tamiya's recent releases such as the Corsair or Mosquito. I find engineering to be crude in some places including the engine area and horizontal stabilisers while the cockpit detail is limited. I plan to use the following aftermarket sets: Quickboost resin MB Mk7 seats Eduard resin exhaust cans and exterior PE set DEF Models FOD covers DXM Decals The rest of the details will be made from scratch using lead wire, plasticard and metal rods.
  2. Howdy again, LSP friends..... Well, I have been lacking the motivational "mojo" to hack plastic recently, and I have not really touched any styrene in months. I have had the Academy "DAP" Blackhawk sitting around for a year or so, and after reading through Shark's and Elboogie's 'Hawk threads, I started to think about building my mine. The problem I had, however, was that almost everyone who has this issue of Academy;s kit builds the DAP, and I have grown quite bored of models of the 160th SOAR birds....So I began to look for something different. After numerous searches for inspiration, I stumbled across a great walkaround of a JASDF Blackhawk.....and I was hooked. (Picture scarfed from the interweb and posted under "fair use" and all that).....Here is an example of what I am looking to build..... So upon further inspection of the kit, I plan on building all of the relevant modifications to model a Mitsubishi license-built UH-60J. I plan on detailing up the interior, and scratch building the relevant parts. Decals and stencils will be a challenge, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it. I do not plan on going as crazy on the kit as Oliver's build, but I will be detailing what I feel is relevant. I should have some in-progress shots over this coming weekend, so be sure to stay-tuned. So far, some of the mods will include; -Modified cabin to reflect the Japanese outfitting of their SAR aircraft...I plan to detail most of the kit parts...... -Modified ESS wings to reflect the Japanese configuration -Reshaping of the cockpit door windows -Detailing of both rotor heads -Kitbashing IR sensor array on aircraft's nose -Two-tone blue paint scheme (decals will be a pain in the arse, as well, there are none!) I have been hunting interior photos of these birds for awhile, and there is nothing quite definitive on the net. However, I believe that I have cobbled enough information to piece together a fairly accurate representation..... I am excited to build this thing. I hope this will fuel the fires to finish some of my outstanding projects, like the CAC Boomerang, and my Hayate. More soon- Thanks for stopping by- THOR
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