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Found 4 results

  1. Another single squadron sheet from AOA, this time for F-4J’s of VF-154 Black Knights in the 1970s and covering standard and CAG schemes. Planning for early 2019. Now available at: www.AOAdecals.com
  2. This sheet provides the extensive F-4 Phantom airframe data (including panel numbers/labels) for either an F-4B or F-4J. The airframe data included is the painted (open stencil) type of markings commonly seen in the 1960's into the early 1970's on USN/USMC F-4B and F-4J Phantoms. Includes placards for the landing gear, speed brakes, speed brake wells, auxiliary air doors, wing external fuel tanks, and main and nose gear doors. Also includes markings for all pylons, bomb adapter racks (inboard and outboard pylon types), and LAU-7 rail markings. Note that this is not the printed (full letter) style of airframe data - check references for which style of airframe data was applied for a specific F-4. Expected Feb/Mar Now available at: www.AOAdecals.com
  3. I had the opportunity to spend some time with the folks from Sierra Hotel Models while attending the IPMS Nats. Great folks all; Michael, Patrick, Casey and Rich. Unfortunately Erik was unable to attend so maybe next time. Here are some photos of their “revised†Intake/Ramp set for the latest tool Revell F/RF-4C/E/F. I say revised because they have replaced the engine “face†with a newly tooled piece.The new piece is totally redesigned with blades set for the proper direction of rotation CSIDG “bullet†fairing and support struts. The detail is IMO totally awesome see for yourself. I have included a couple of pictures of both the new on left and the original offering. Exhaust Nozzles and AB Section in next post
  4. In my bid to build a “more†accurate F-4 Phantom II cockpit than is currently available several interesting facts have come to light. The latest being that the Tamiya cockpit floor depth is too shallow by about 4 scale inches while the side consoles are correct; both with respect to the canopy sill. Out of that comes the issue that nearly all ejection seats available are sized to sit at the proper height when installed in the Tamiya cockpit and will sit too low in a cockpit with the correct floor depth. So I dug out all of the Phantom ejection seats I have in my stash and here is what I have found. Aires has an Mk 7 seat without harness in their F-4J cockpit set and available separately. Quick Boost has the Aires Mk 7 seat with harness. Otherwise it is the same as the Aires seat. Paragon has an Mk 7 seat that the height is sized to fit the Revell cockpit or a correct depth cockpit. Reheat Models has an Mk 7 seat that like the Paragon is sized for the deeper cockpit floor. Eduards Mk 7 seat appears to be better sized to fit the deeper cockpit but is “made†for the Tamiya kit. Verlinden does an Mk 7 seat that is sized to fit the Tamiya cockpit. TAC Scale Mk 7 sized to fit Tamiya True Details has an Mk 7 seat that is sized to fit the Tamiya cockpit. AMS Resin has an Mk 7 seat (USN/USMC and USAF versions) sized for the Tamiya cockpit. AMS Resin has an H5 version also made for the Tamiya cockpit. Other than Aires I have not included the seats that come in other AM cockpit sets as the cockpit except the Legend set are designed for the Tamiya kit so the seats are sized to fit them. Here are photos for comparison; in the second “lineup†I have included the Tamiya seat. IMO it appears that the Paragon, Reheat and Eduards seats are better suited for the Revell cockpit or a scale depth cockpit while the others are best suited for the Tamiya cockpit. Disclaimer; I make no attempt to extol the virtues of one over another only show the height differences. Barry
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