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Found 8 results

  1. Hey all. First work in progress on this site and first 1/32 aircraft. I've been wanting to build a Corsair for a long while, but 1/48 (my usual for aircraft) just wasn't big enough for the detail I'd like to add, and hopefully not screw up. I've been reading all the builds and RFI's on here that I can find and there are is some beautiful work here to compete against (). Hopefully I won't come off as a complete newb, but this will be my first WW2 aircraft, so hopefully you'll work with me. This won't be quick, since I have a day job ha! Link to some of my work for those of you that might not venture to non aircraft stuff..... So, Tamiya's kit to start, beautiful as usual from them. Vector Resin's intake flaps and engine upgrade parts. Barracuda cockpit stencils (I need better eyes for these!). Dana Bell's Birdcage Corsair book (and I've noticed Dana posts here, that's got to be helpful!. I'm hunting for HGW seatbelt's but so far, no luck on the suppliers I usually turn to. If anyone has a lead on where I can pick those up, I'd appreciate it. I'm also leaning towards using MRP paints for the first time, but I'm not really positive which colors I'll need. I'm going to plan on a two color bird, blue grey upper and light grey lower. Might go with Montex masks, or possible the HGW wet transfers...decisions to be made. Here are my selections for the main colors that I'll need to order. Please let me know if I'm totally wrong! Interior MRP 131 US Interior Green MRP 229 Dark Dull Green For the rest of the interior, I'll be using my existing supplies. Exterior MRP 130 Salmon Pink Primer for the cowling (sorta interior?) MRP 133 Blue Grey MRP 134 Light Grey And of course, mandatory pictures so I'm not boring everyone! The supplies, for now The work shop (everything else in cabinets) The overview And the other kits my wife said I should have built before buying the Corsair last week Hopefully I'll actually get some bench time tomorrow. Today has been "drill a 4 inch hole in your houses foundation day." Super not exciting. Thanks for looking, chime in and tell me where I'm off, nuts, or should go back to scifi lol Brett
  2. Hi, I renewed my old Corsair model. New colors, markings from masks. This plane was originally a "white 13" and it was a Ken Welsh plane, then number was changed to 7 and it was assigned to James Cupp. Unfortunately, on my photos most of scratches to silver/zinc chromate which i done dissapeared. On bottom there is a photo of model before repaint and photo with buddy Hellcat from Pacific with same number
  3. Well, after seven months of work, Tamy's 32nd scale Birdcage Corsair is finally done! There's been a lot of praise over this kit and I can only echo everyone's words! What a lovely kit overall! For the general painting, I used a mix of acrylic colours from Mig Ammo, AK Interactive, Vallejo and Hataka as well as Aclad for the engine. The camo was done with colours from Hataka's Late US Navy paint set and weathering was achieved with oils from the Mig Ammo oilbrusher set and pigments. The model will be placed in a small vignette but that will be done a bit later in the future! Again, I thoroughly enjoyed this model from start to finish not just because of it's excellent engineering but also because it was a project I feel tested and pushed my skills to a higher level! A big thank you to all of you for your continuous encouragement but most important for sharing your feedback and suggestions with me at every stage of the build! I dedicate this model to my lovely fiancee who bought this kit for me as a birthday present and who has been so supportive of my hobby!
  4. Hello guys! Having finished the F-104 I've now moved on to Tamiya's 1/32 kit of the F4U-1 Corsair Birdcage. This is my first WW2 bird after a veeeery long time. The kit is also very special for me as it is my fiancee's first ever model kit present to me (more came later)! I'll be building it almost straight out of the box with just the addition of Eduard's fabric seatbelts, Barracuda's resin wheels and Eagle Cal decals. I started with the cockpit and was impressed at the number of subassemblies that were required to complete it and how everything went together perfectly! The fabric seatbelts were a pain to put together but I'm pleased with the end result and may use again in future builds! The cockpit was airbrushed with interior green and all raised details were highlighted with the same colour lightened with white. Smaller details were brushpainted their own specific colours. For the tail wheel area I made my own mixture from brown, red, white and yellow. Chipping was done with a small piece of sponge dipped in aluminium. The green I used may be a bit controversial although I've seen examples of built models and all had the same colour. Anyway, I'm content with this one! More to come later!
  5. So, while I've been recently working on the WNW Snipe, and the Tamiya Mossie, this has also had a bit of space on my workbench. This was the kit that I did the original in box sprue said of when it first came out. I finally got around to starting on it after following Harv's night fighter WIP. I don't have a full run of photos but here's what I have. I started with the cockpit and mostly it's all OOB. Here's the seat with a bunch of scratches added to it using a Prismacolor pencil. This will probably end up being the most weathered build I've ever done (besides the Millennium Falcon). Here's the cockpit sidewalls. I used mid bronze green for the colour.
  6. Here's my final build of the year. I finished it with just under 6 hours left in the year. This was the first plane I've done with any significant weathering so that was some skill building for me. Sorry if the photos aren't that great but they were the best I could do.
  7. I have been waiting patiently since Tamiya released their sublime A6M5 Zero for them to do the Corsair, and after years of hope it has finally landed! I said I would push all other builds aside the day it landed here to start on it, and today is the day! I ordered two kits from Wheels & Wings in Toronto, and was pleasantly surprised at their reasonable shipping charges and quick delivery. So far, I have opened the box on one of them to have a quick look inside. This is the export version, which comes with the clear cowling parts. I do not plan to use these, but it is always good to receive extra parts. I am VERY happy to see that Tamiya has done away with those cheesy PE hinges/steel rods for movable control surfaces- GOOD ON YOU TAMIYA! On the Zero, Spitfire, and Mustang I used thick CA glue to glue the surfaces in place. Glad I will not have to do that here! I also looked first at the gear bay parts, worried that they would need to have dozens of ejector pin marks filled and sanded like the Mustang kit. This time, they did it right! The marks are mostly on the parts which face inside the model and will not be visible. There are a couple of small ones, but they look to be easily dealt with. So far, the ONLY thing I would do differently would be to provide plastic tires inside of the rubber ones in the kit. Hopefully, Roy over at Barracuda is already working on a solution for these. I used his resin tires on the Mustang and Spitfire and they worked flawlessly. Are you listening Roy? I'll be back soon with updates, stay tuned!
  8. Some years ago in a fit of adventure I picked up a 1/32 set of Aggressor markings for the F-5. Keeping an eye out for the Hasegawa kit, on F/S threads and Fleabay since then, turned up zero/zip/zilch for so long I stopped looking. Earlier today I made a perfunctory search and scared up THREE on offer. Also on the 'I want' list is Revell's classic 1/32 F4U-1. Currently have one on the go, in kit markings 1835 Sqn. Would love to thrash one out in RNZAF, too. There are Revell kits for Africa. And going for very reasonable $$. A ton of Revell Beaufighters have shown up as well. Have one already, slated for NF status but would love another in 489 Sqn. Is it the time of year? People thinning stashes before Winter? I no complain! If I didn't find the F-5E I was thinking of bashing together something Sabre-like in Aggressor scheme, simply to use the markings. Yes, I'm aware of Tamiya's jewellery and Trumpy's oeuvre, and they're a lot less work. I'm "old school" and like the challenge. Grew up on the classics, that's my "bliss", to be knee-deep and bum-up in s/b. Plus ça change plus la même chose. notes from a small island. Rossky
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