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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, everyone. If you've followed my ridiculously slow "Messerschmitts of North Africa" WIP thread, you already know that my Bf-109 was getting close to done. Today, I was able to put the finishing touches on it and call it complete. I'm happy with the way it turned out for sure. It's not perfect, but it's probably the best 1/32 aircraft I've ever done - out of a total of like 4. Definitely learned a lot along the way as this was my first attempt at masking and painting the inside of a canopy. Turned out pretty well, I think. This is Hasegawa kit 08881/ST31, Bf-109F-4 Trop and was finished out of the box with the exception of some HGW seatbelts. Paints were a mix of Mr. Paint, Mr. Color, Tamiya, Vallejo, and a partridge in a pear tree. Weathered with oils and pastels. If you followed my thread at all, you'll know that I'm a bit of a numbers geek, and so I've kept a fairly detailed build log of both this and the Bf-110 I've been working on in parallel. Here are the final statistics: Started: 11/10/2017 Finished: 12/28/2017 Days on bench: 48 Total materials cost: $60.66 Planning and preparation time: 7.6 hrs Build time: 13.35 hrs Painting time: 11.9 hrs Weathering time: 5.3 hrs Number of sessions at the bench: 26 Average time per session: 1.47 hrs Average time per day: .79 hrs Number of favorite sweatshirts ruined: 1
  2. Hello , after 1,5 month of fun with this kit I would like to show my finished Bf-109 E-4 flown by German ace Major Helmut Wick in 1940. The kit is not perfekt and some small fit problems had to be solved , for example the oil cooler and the fit of the engine cowling. But nothing too serious and in my opinion still the best kit to build an acurate Emil. Hope you like it. Peter
  3. This is a trove of German imagery, and page 24 has a pant-load of 109 profiles from pre-war to Late-war. The 109 treasury continues for another 10 pages and includes drawings, details and many color as well as B&W photos from the period.
  4. Finally completed!!! This was a rough build that started Feb 2013- This biznatch got in my head a couple of times and almost won... OOB except for the gorgeous Radu harness and the home cast resin wheels (proud of those) some extra decals³ from Techmod. Kevin and HobbyDecal and of course- evergreen and procrastination. This is my sixth aircraft build since returning to modeling 5 years ago. Experten take it easy on me I know the serial is wrong... thanks to all who have prodded and encouraged me. Thanks Sparzanza and ** for your inspiration. ³Don't ask about those damned Kit Decals...
  5. Well Gents, with Revell's Bf-109 G-10 Erla done and me still in the 109-mood, I wanted to give an early type a go: an E-4. I had an Eduard kit in the stash with lot's of decals and p.e. parts in it. This is my 3rd 109, the first being Hasegawa's K-4, the second Revell's G-10. I went pretty fast on it, and I have to say, the details and the fit of this kit are impressive. The i.p. is really great. I didn't need any putty and before I knew it, I started painting it. Here are some photos of it so far: Here it is, with some camo on it. Keeping it clean (at the moment) because I'm building one of Galland's E-4's and I guess they were kept in quite a good condition. The photographer (from Bronco) recording the progress in this build takes a closer look at the i.p. and cockpit. Great out of box, pretty cool! In an earlier attempt to build this kit, I painted the engine cover yellow, but that, I'll have to do over later ... The green paint is done, still have to do the grey though! Because it is a great fit, it was a quick build so far. I didn't build the engine, I'm keeping that for another model. And the photographer takes another shot of this soon to be E-4. Next will be grey paint, some extra mottle, a little post shading and clear. I hope the decals will go on fine... I'll keep you posted! Thanks for watching ! Nic
  6. So, the production line of 109's is in full production. With kits of Hasegawa, Revell and Eduard done or almost done, I was curious about the Trumpeter kits. In this build, I will try to do a G-6 nightfighter. This Trumpeter 109 has many parts for cockpit and engine; you can build the engine quite easily. I plan to have the 3 engine panels open on this build, so I've started with what I like best; scratching details: Fit is really good and the kit is a very good base if you want to go far in detail. Fortunately, a lot of info and photos are available in books and on the web. A testfit of the engine with a little extra detail. A lot more has to be added, though. I often tape the kit together to see what effect it has and what needs to be added. Here's a close-up: Some of the lines have Tamiya tape around them to get a slight difference in diameter. I pulled some really thin sprues for the small lines, some are barely visible. The sink marks on the insides of the covers will be a problem I have to deal with. They are in difficult spots... I still have to glue those typical bulges on the fuselage and add detail as well. Anyway, this one won't be an out of box one, like the G-10. Hope you like her! Nic
  7. Scale Plans is bringing out the plans for the Bf-109 G2 and G6. Perhaps this will help settle the wars over the Hasegawa, Revell of Germany and Trumpeter kits? Nah, won't happen. The fighting is too much fun.
  8. Finished this one tonight, after a VERY long battle that lasted right up to the end. Three different paint schemes on the same model, a new record for me! I must say, I am getting quite good at stripping down a kit after nearly finishing it and starting over. This one started out as red 6 of JG 300, on to black 5 of JG 52, and stripped it again to do white 12 of JG 51. You can see the WIP thread here. Here she is as red 6: And as white 5: And now, white 12: Final scheme using decals from Eagle Editions, which performed flawlessly. Their new sheets printed by Cartograph are good, REALLY good. Colors by Tamiya using custom mixes, weathering with oils. No AM parts used, save for scratchbuilt seatbelts, 20mm gun barrels from brass tubing, brake lines from fuse wire. Thanks for looking in!
  9. Here's one in the works, another of Hasegawa's 1/32 Bf-109G-6 kits this time being built as "Rot 6" of 2./JG300. The top aircraft on this Eagle Editions sheet: Built mostly OOB so far, with seatbelts from lead foil with Eduard hardware, a modified spinner mount, wire brake lines, brass strip tank strap, and brass tube wing cannons. I also modified the ETC rack fairing, opening up the lightening holes and adding some inner details. All built up, waiting for paint I also shaved off the front of the supercharger intake, and replaced it with a hand machined piece of tubing to get a perfectly round profile As this aircraft will be heavily over-sprayed with dark gray and black, I didn't worry too much about getting the factory paint perfect. As long as it was close, I am OK with it. A coat of gloss to protect things Next up, cutting some cross stencils to paint the upper wing, fuselage and tail bits. Then, the fun begins! Really looking forward to the later paint stages!
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