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Found 7 results

  1. As a follow-on to yesterdays review of Airscale's new Cockpit Upgrade for the Revell Messerschmitt Bf 109 G2/G4, we take a look at a supplementary set of 3D printed parts, item number 3D32 CD, that replaces and adds detail to the Revell kit's parts. The set provides a highly detailed set of replacement parts for the kit's rudimentary throttle, oxygen control, REVI C12/D Gunsight, Control column and an accurate seat with no moulded belts. Take a look here: Some incredibly fine printing work! Iain
  2. We take a look at the latest from Airscale's 'PRO' range - this time a comprehensive set of additions for the Revell 109G2/G4. More to follow! Have fun, Iain
  3. A good time to break out a nice Hasegawa kit over Christmas. I will build the aircraft of Hptm. Adolf Borchers, who flew this aircraft while in command of Stab/ III Jg 52. Borchers would see action during the Spanish Civil War and from the first, to the last day of WW2. He scored 2 victories during the Battle of France and Battle of Britain before being transferred to the East for Operation Barbarossa. He would go on to score a further 130 victories in some 800 combat missions, being awarded the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross. Post war, he was turned over the Russians by the American's, however he made it home, reunited with his wife, Olympic gold medal skier Christl Cranz and set up a ski school which they owned until 1987. Borchers passed away at age 82 in 1996.
  4. I like German aircraft in unusual markings, and they don't come more unusual than this. On 20th April 1945 two pilots from the Croatian Air Force defected to join pro-communist forces at Mostar. Their aircraft were soon given a hasty update to their paint job, and became part of a scratch unit known as the Mostar Squadron. This is my latest completion: proper "beauty shots" when I get around to them. Built from the Hasegawa 1:32 G-10 kit, with MDC seat belts and Ventura decals. I had some slight issues with these: the large fuselage stars broke up on application. As I still had some stars left on the decal sheet, I used these as a template to cut home-made masks. The numbers worked OK. The tail markings were also supplied as complete decals, but I decided to paint these, and just cut out the small star from the decals. Thanks for looking.
  5. OK - so I know I'm easily sidetracked, but I fancied doing a quick, fun, build of a model that's been shouting 'build me' for a looooong time. And I have finished two other projects in last two weeks - so on a bit of a roll. Now I realise that the Eduard 109 isn't the 'fashionable' 1:32 109 kit, but I actually like the look of them in the box, especially the finesse of the surface detailing - and I now have 6 in the stash. These comprise 4 'weekenders' bought for the princely sum of £15 each at various times, and two standard kits (E-3 and E-7) with all the etched bits and choices of decals which cost an astronomical £21 each. So all a lot cheaper than the alternative. The start was an E-1 I purchased to use with the Alley Cat conversion to an early 109 - made sense after that to base my 109Es on the same kit. This was started yesterday afternoon - and uses some parts from the old Eduard etch set for the old Hasegawa kit - but shows some good progess for only a few hours work. One of the areas that was a common bugbear reported by previous builders was the under-nose radiator area. A look at the parts appeared to confirm that the radiator assembly could be added after the fuselage was joined and the area cleaned up. So far she's going together really well - will try and get the exhausts and cowls done later today so she can go sit in the airing cupboard whilst I take some review photos for the site, and work on my Spits and Lightning parts. Still undecided on scheme - but may be this one - flown by Hptm. Wilhelm Balthasar, Kommandeur III./JG3 - Desvres/France - August 1940. Please feel free to remind me in 6 months that this was going to be a 'quick build'! Iain
  6. There are new prop and supercharger intake for late models, such as 109G-10 and 109K. This airscrew have late type broad chord blades and suitable for Hasegawa and Revell 109's. Supercharger intake intended for Hasegawa's Bf109K/G-10 and for our future G-6AS conversion and G-10 correction set for Revell sets.
  7. Hi, Here is my last finish build. It was my "summer build", as for summer holidays i wanted to build a simple model, almost OOB, fast and simple. I have already unsprued most of the parts while on a journey and thought it would be very fast to then glue and paint it. But it wasnt so fast. I firstly very enjoyed the new Revell kit, as the OOB details are pretty good in the cockpit and wheel bays. But when i started to build it, i understood why there was so much critics about the strange engineering. Yes it's strange and sometime quite silly (mutiple parts gear legs, joints to be filled only a few millimeters from a panel line, and so on...). Filling and sanding the engine cowling was not easy and very time consuming. I've not built it 100% OOB as i've used the Alleycat correction resin set. I was not impressed by this set and i think it is under their usual quality. I may have been unlucky and maybe i've got a bad set, but it was not good. Some parts were useless because they were oversized, some were badly cast (soft and undefined, a real paint to clean up), and a number of bubbles. But some parts were used (radiator cowling, exhausts, spinner and propeller, cowling bulges....) and the set was not very expensive, so i'm not that upset. I've also used a quickboost bf109G gun set. The gondolas and the dust filter come from a Hasegawa kit. I know as a trop 109 there should be the umbrella holder brackets but i think i was a bit lazy (and i'm not sure they were fitted on all tropical 109) So in my opinion it's a good kit, nicely detailed and more accurate than the Hasegawa kit in some areas, but at the moment i still prefer the Hasegawa 109 as it is simpler and faster to build. I will soon try some Trumpeter 109, i'm going to see if it is better. The decals are from the Chris Busbridge Regia Aeronautica Bf109 set. They are very nicely printed and the film is thin and easy to move. I will have no worries to use any other decals printed by Fantasy Printshop.
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