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  1. Here's what you're up against.. Old thread copied from Britmodeller. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/17954-spitfire-mkiii/page-2?hl=spitfire Depressing thing about this kit is it was built for a chap I know. I understand it was in pieces within the year due to clumsy handling..
  2. Lots of filler and sanding I'm afraid.. mine took a lot of work. It's one of the worst bits of the kit.
  3. Builds up into a nice kit that one, but mine fought me all the way.. I seem to remember getting the dihedral correct was a real arse.
  4. The thread from the dead... 6 years. Not bad eh? What with work and family commitments, moving house and a whole bunch of other stuff, I stopped the modelling. I have a little time now, and am focusing on one kit at a time. This time, it's the Hurricane. It's interesting taking an old kit out from mothballs to carry on the unfinished build. I'm sitting here scratching my head wondering why I never included certain parts before zipping it up, what combination of colours did I use to replicate that exact joyless modelling Nazi shade of green, why I bought the white metal undercarriage legs for the Trumpy 1/24th kit "hoping" they would fit, and how exactly I'm going to finish this kit ten years after taking the wrapping off the box.. I spent yesterday evening with the old bird reacquainting myself with what I'd done before, cleaned her up a bit, and then re did the cowling and other access panel points. They're not as good as the ones I did first, but I can't for the life of me figure out how I did them. These ones will do.. A bit of brass tubing end, cut, filed down a little and put in a pin vise to make a hole and leave a central part. Not accurate I know, but it'll do for me. Next, it'll need a good sand down to clean up the rough edges before priming. Oh, and the radiator needs working on before that happens. Cheers, Nick
  5. Cheers guys. I probably did misunderstand, but correct me if I'm wrong, cowling and panel fasteners are not flush rivets? I have this effect so far from the template and needle in a vise.. Ok, but not great. I think the idea of the brass tubing could be a winner though, and Perry, I'll PM you about that. Nick
  6. Thanks Thierry. That's similar to the setup I'm already using (a Hasegawa template set and sewing needle held in a pin vise). The only problem with that setup is the needle bends as I go around the circle, and thus I can't make a precise enough scribe. I may therefore need to look at an alternative to the needle..
  7. In one of the discussions I had on Britmodeller many moons ago, someone mentioned a tool that was really useful to replicate the circular access bolts (for want of the technical term) on the cowlings of Spitfires and Hurricanes. I'm redoing the ones on my 1/24th Hurricane now, and I'm using a circular template set, scribing a circle, and then using a pin to score a hole in the centre. They look ok, but not great. The tool was made by MDC or Waldron? Not sure. Can anyone enlighten me? Cheers, Nick
  8. Considering the talent on this site, very kind words chaps.
  9. Built for a friend, using the Revell 1/32nd kit, this has taken over a year to finish. There's a build thread here if you're interested.. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.ph...amp;hl=spitfire Great kit, needs rescribing, and in the hands of a great modeller (not me I hasten to add), builds up into a really nice kit. It's OOB except for an MDC Sutton harness, a scratchbuilt harness stay and oxygen hose. The fit was a bit of an issue around the roots, but nothing that sheer bloody force didn't sort out. Painted with Xtracolour, Revell and Citadel, given a Klear coat, Promodellers wash and then a flat coat. Given minimal weathering at the "client's" request. I really like her, and will be sorry to see her go. And yes, I know I have the squadron codes the wrong way round. I just prefer them that way, but mainly, I got the positioning wrong! Enjoy, and please do critique it. Cheers, Nick
  10. Ok. I lifted the decal off with tape, but still need to find the kit with the replacement in.. In the meantime, I gave the rest of the kit a panel wash, and added the exhausts and undercarraige. It sits 3mm higher on the port side, so I may have to take that out (why did I use superglue?) and trim it off. Or maybe not. Have just painted the gunsight, and once that's dry, it'll go in, and the windshield will go on. More to follow. Cheers, Nick (Oh, the move's not happening as we made a decision the in-laws wouldn't work. We re-negociated something with the landlord, which will hopefully still happen, so for the moment, we stay put).
  11. Cheers guys. I'll replace the decal. I've got a spare somewhere in the boxes I packed for the move that's now not happening! Shouldn't take too long to find it..
  12. Cheers Kev. It bugs me to look at though, so I think I'll sand the ridge down (have to go through a coat of Future, then the decal then the ridge line) and touch it up with paint. It's for a comissioned build, so I can't let it go out as is. Cheers, Nick
  13. Cheers guys. With decals and a coat of Klear. Very, very annoyed about the ridge through the port roundel (too much spray against the masking tape) which I only really noticed after the roundel was on. The snuggling down effect of Klear makes it much worse, and I ain't taking it off and re-doing it. Oh well. The guy I'm making it for is a pisshead so he won't notice. Cheers, Nick
  14. Lovely build, and one of my faves for the Stuka. I actually like that stress fracture on the windshield. Makes it look like the actual panes have been broken a little.
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