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  1. Guys don’t forget to grab the concept note when it comes out - they always go really fast!
  2. True but the cowlings are moulded completely wrong because you have to saw them in half to show the engine. A poor design choice to mould the halves left and right instead of top and bottom and a real pain to fix
  3. That may be so but I’m more interested in the 103. Hope that doesn’t rankle you too much
  4. Because I still haven’t built the Hs 129 yet and if I suspect the 103 was a little more prevalent
  5. I happily sit corrected! Funny I saw a previous advertisement of the MK103 version. Hey, I think that’s great but to buy a whole new kit for one small sprue….? Just sayin
  6. I have the Mk101 version which is just all on one small sprue. I really think ZM could have at least included the 103 and the 75 or at least offered it as a separate piece
  7. Hi all! Good bye! This site works not for me. It is archaic and clumsy and 2022 and still no update for mobile iPads etc. Seriously I’m done here - with other sites (let’s chose Reddit) you can upload quality images straight off your camera - in fact you can do a whole series of photos. And what’s with this URL bs? How about just a link or paste an image? And you can’t even see old build logs. This site sucks and my first interlocution was with a bigoted person who just couldn’t admit they were wrong. I’ve enough to do without wasting my time with naysaying jobsworth bigots! Ya’ll have a wonderful evening now
  8. Not meaning to be a killjoy but I get the same as before: jpg that shows jack
  9. Lol I should have checked the link before - I’ll just let it be! Hopefully I’ll be able to see any new posts/builds. Incidentally I’ve noticed that doing my own logs I can’t load up from the camera (iPad pro) - not sure how I can make it happen as being an Apple dude I’m not familiar with URLs
  10. Hi Radu, I’m new here. Apologies for the necropost - Why is it that as a member I also can’t enjoy your work? Your photos are closed to me.
  11. Yes, East Prussia 1945 p281 - 295
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