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  1. Since this was a resin print I did need to wash it in 91% IPA, then do a follow up cure in a UV chamber for a few minutes. But there was no sanding or other manipulation.
  2. Nice Craig! For Resin, I have had great luck with Phrozen ABS-like Gray. I have noticed that the build plate leveling is Key, and then adding supports so there are non floating islands. here is a Fan shroud test I did to see how small I can get holes. This was Modeled in Maya, exported as an .STL
  3. Hey Craig, Good luck on the 3d prints, I just recently picked up a Photon as well, and have been getting good results with my prints (1/24 scale truck wheels). If you were unaware, there is a very active, and knowledgable facebook group for the Photon printer, with lots of info for different types of resin. https://www.facebook.com/groups/AnycubicPhoton/ I look forward to your prints and the rest of your build. -kev
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