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  1. It certainly will.... I prefer this to the O/400 so happy it is coming out first. From a quick look at the parts it's good to see what appears to be trestles to support the wings. I was hoping that would be the case, there is a lot of weight to support!
  2. Wow, that looks impressive. Still no price as far as I can see......
  3. This looks really good..... Does the kit have location holes for the rigging? I can't seem to make out from the pics I have seen so far.... Cheeers.
  4. I was pondering this myself earlier. The Gotha G.IV has been sold out for some time.... I imagine the combination of this and the o/400 would prove to be quite expensive!!
  5. I just spotted on the WNW website, they are hopeful the kit will retail for $350-$400 when it is released late this year.
  6. Hey, Many thanks for the welcome- this place is a great resource so happy to be here! I had a bit of a play with the parts today- managed to get the bulkheads to fit pretty much spot on simply by removing the location points on the kit parts. The engines look to be a smart addition to an already cracking kit. Anyhow, I really should try and get my own WIP going... I had a look at photo bucket earlier and got a bit bamboozled by all the ads.... Thanks again and watch this space. Pat
  7. Hello Anthony, Beautiful work- inspirational stuff to follow! I have the same kit on the go. In fact I am just unpacking/dry-fitting the brassin engines. I plan to follow a similar path to you with one engine covered and the other one opened. Have you managed to compare the brassin bulkhead parts with the kit ones yet? They are proportioned quite differently.... Im pretty much convinced that I will have to use either both kit bulkheads or both brassin bulkheads..... Im just trying to work out which ones look the best. Although your work is proof that anything is possible I'
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