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  1. Thanks Ernie, Ron and Andy. About the wires, I am having a little trouble with that. Unknown to me, GasPatch turnbuckles do not like to be bent much. If I was smart I would had placed them near the correct angle during gluing. I just stuck them in thinking I would just bend them over to the correct angle. I have had too many break on me trying to do just that. I am having to drill new holes which is a major pain with everything in the way now. I did try putting a small amount of superglue where they broke, but I am using monofilament, they break the bond and every time I pull tension on the line. If I were using EZ line, probably would not be an issue. I just placed it to the side as of now due to my frustration with the turnbuckles. I will pick it back up once I have a clear head. Thanks again.
  2. Well I finally got around to the rigging today. Went cross eyed but was able to get one side done. Not accurate but it plays the part.
  3. Thank you Kevin and Peterpools. Getting close to the rigging. Perm895, thank you for following my build. I am new here as well and I do know there are a few other builds of the Gotha on here. Thanks for considering mine as a show stopper but you need to check out one that LSP's very own Clunkmeister built. It is a spectacular build of the Gotha and his figures really brought it to life. Here is a link to his finished build. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=58424&page=1 There is one more I have seen on here that looks fantastic as well and both were inspiration for my build. I wish I could help you with the box, but I save them for the box art.
  4. Hello Ernie, I will try my best. In the publication I am following along with the author's wing was having the same problem. His solution was to saw one wing off from that center section, then remove the 2 spars in the center that held the 2 wings together. For people who have not built this kit, those 2 spars are the only support that full wingspan has. In my opinion, it is very weak. The author removed the center spars as well, drilled through those and into both sides of the wings. He then inserted a rod, (unsure what size) through the spars and into each halves of the wings. Thats how he joined his back together. This did not work for me and I will tell you why. When you drill those holes, you have to be careful where you plan to drill those hole. If you were like me, I drill right where the fuselage struts would rest in the upper wing, no good. I also had a drill bit brake on me as well. I just put it to the side and was going to mess with it later. (When my top wing was starting to seperate, I never did let it snap in-two, I made a clean cut on one of the wings flowing the angle of the dihedral at the center spars closest to the edge.) When I glued those struts into the lower wing, while the were still drying, I placed both my top wings on to see what it would look like. The 2 wings basically fell into place and matched my cut and angle pretty darn near close. I have not figured out just yet how I am going to reattach the two, I may put a small amount of epoxy and hold them until it sets up.
  5. Still plugging along. Got the wires ran for the fuselage controls, Gaspatch one ended turnbuckles installed. Glue in the wing struts. I used the top wing as an alignment for the struts and once the glue set, removed the top wing. My next move looks to be some pre-rigging before I permanently attach the top wing. Until next time.
  6. Thanks all!!!! http://www.misterkit.com/catalog/index.php That is where I got my paint from. I believe it came from Italy so for us guys in the States, order well in advance. For as using Misterkit, I had no problem with them. They seemed to spray fine using Guenze acrylic thinner. The lighter color start off a little opaque until sufficient base coat is built. I do like the color density of this paint. They make a great WWI line up and would like to try more. The book that I am following along with, the same thing happen to the author's top wing as well. His approach was drilling small holes and using a small rod to join the 2 back together. I will probably be doing the same. Thanks again all.
  7. Been busy at work so sorry about lack of updates. This is where I sit now. I know most are probably tired of seeing the MoRoTaS scheme, lol. I did have trouble with the upper wing. Once together with such a long wing span, if held by center, it looses its dihedral. It finally weakened on my and started to separate at the center that I just cut the 2 apart and will deal with that later. Does make it heck easier to move around and paint. Finally received my Misterkit paint after about 22 days. Messing around with them on my current color and I like the contrast. Thanks for looking.
  8. I am painting the main fuselage today. I am trying to decide on the blue. This side is standard xf-18 medium blue which I feel is a little too dark. [/url] This side is a mix of the xf-18 and a different blue.[/url] Undecided at this time. I ordered some of mister kit Gotha built blue but it is lost in translation somewhere at this time.
  9. Thanks for the awesome tip Clunk. I am unsure on the wheels at this point. Yea, I have abandoned the brass rod guides, just gonna keep it simple. Thanks again for all of your help!!!!
  10. Thanks Matt. Little more work done. Got the exhaust all fixed up. Base coat of Life Color red oxide followed by a bushing of pastels. Ran rigging to the one engine that will have the side panels removed. Both radiators fixed up. I have a question, what would you think about replacing the cable guides with just some small O.D. brass tube glued to the side. I laid these on top as test shot.
  11. Thanks all. Anyone who wants to build this plane will have the option of either an LVG or Gotha built. I have chosen the LVG MoRoTaS. You have to drill holes for new control cable guides and remove the ones for the Gotha. Any one who reads this and has one, decide which one your are going to do and take care of this first. You have to drill some pretty big holes for the new guides and they will protrude into the fuselage quite a bit. I did not realize that until it was too late and it was going to look hideous with those studs and now way to sand them down and make flush. Would have been better if they would just have modled all the guides on the fuselage halves and you just sand the ones not needed down flush. I will just have to use the guides for the Gotha build and truck on along. No one is too blame but me. Now with that out of the way, on to the pictures. I also found out after gluing the 2 sides together that I was left with a crease facing inwards on the bottom. My advice is to shim the bottom before gluing. 2 cut off sanding sticks worked perfect for me. Been working on the engines. I plane to leave the cowls of one engine so I made some plugs out of this plastic rod and used eduard ignition wires. I used this tape for the wrap, applied thin putty on top of tape and painted black. Thats all for now, take care.
  12. Thanks everyone. Finally got to where I could button the 2 sides up. Here are some pics before they were joined. For the base color, I used guenze radome and sail. The I.P. Used regular oil on this. Used some easy line for the rigging. Off to the engines now.
  13. Hello every one. Another Gotha build is giong to join these forums. Been working on this for about a week now and still working on the crew aera. I love Wingnuts kit, so much detail. For about 90% of the wood is using uschi van der rosten wood grain decals. I love the effect is has given me. Also have used HGW super detail set as well. Any question, let me know and I will try to answer. HGW seat belt One of the photos in the instruciton showed a pull hadle for the internal bomb rack. Took out my ole wood lathe and and made a hadle out of a tooth pick. Still so much more plastic to go, its crazy, never have I tackeled a kit of this level.
  14. Kev, thanks so much for the move. I know I had posted a while back but could not find my original thread. Thanks again. As for as the prop, it was a poor attempt on my end to make lamination. Once I saw that it did not look right, was too late. I will have to do better on my next one.
  15. Hello all once again. I have not done any work in a while. Funny how life gets in the way of hobbies. Seems like I am only averging one build every year, LOL. Last time I post I had started on an Albatros. Well, I finally got it done and was so impressed by the Wingnuts kit that I am currently getting stuff together for a Gotha build. For this build I used wood grain decals from Uschi van der Rosten, turnbuckles from Gaspatch, engine stuff from Taurus Models and other odd and ends. I am currently working of a figure to go with the plane along with a base. Thanks for looking.
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