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  1. Hi Jeroen Another excellent build that I will be following closely as i've just started my Eindecker. Did you find the large wing decals settle ok as I was tempted to mask and paint to avoid any slight issues with bubbles etc
  2. I use the RB turnbuckles as well and they represent excellent VFM. You get 80 buckles for about £6.00 and they are easy to bend into shape and look the part. I still use brass tube with them, albeit about 1mm in length. I thread the wire through the tube, loop it through the turnbuckle and then back through the tube. I think it holds better that way plus its how they did it on the internal picture of the Eindecker they have on the WNW site if you have a look at that.
  3. It's pretty straightforward once you get started. Have a look over at ww1aircraftmodels there's tutorials there for rigging and making the eyelets. Id go with eyelets, 0.5mm brass tube and you can use either 2lb fishing line, thin ez line or prym knit in elastic. To start I'd use ez line as its the easiest to work with and will loop through a 0.3mm ID tube easier than knit in elastic. Before installing top wing: Drill out the rigging holes with a 0.4mm drill Fix eyelets with thick super glue Loop long length of ez line through tube, eyelet and back again through tube Glue with extra thin super glue applied at the tube end pointing away from the top wing Trim ez line Install top wing Loop other end of ez line through tube and eyelet (once this time) Glue with extra thin superglue at the top of the tube so the glue runs through it and at the eyelet to ensure its fixed to the eyelet and your not looping it this time. Trim line And repeat and repeat and repeat and.............. That's IMO the easiest way although we all have our favourite methods of rigging and I seem to use a different method each time. My last model a WNW Bristol was done with ez line whereas the DH2 I'm finishing up now is a combination of prym and ez line. Time consuming, frustrating and ultimately rewarding.
  4. I'd agree that although the rigging looks intimidating if you break it down into manageable sections it really isn't too hard. I found the WNW rigging guides hard to follow, especially the tail boom and I agree with Brian that the guide on Bobs site is invaluable as a secondary reference, as is Brian's build. The actual build is relatively straightforward without any gotchas.
  5. Brian It was your excellent build that occupied most of my lurking time to be honest, there aren't too many dh2 builds on the net to follow and I gained a lot from yours. I have seen that guide from Tim West and I've found it useful in conjunction with the WNW instructions because I sometimes find their instructions hard to follow. Gary
  6. Hello all I've been lurking for a while but i've been drawn to the forum due to the enthusiam shown towards Great War aircraft, which are the only things I build these days. Currently I'm just rigging up my DH2 then I'd like to enter the GB with probably a Hannover (frisket film on standby), but maybe a Bavarian Albatros with a start date most likely around the end of the month. Gary
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