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    nzdavidh got a reaction from Uilleann in Trumpeter F-117A WIP .... FINISHED!!!!   
    Good plan, it's beautifully paint but looks noticably underscale when down that low. Looking forward to seeing it at QMHE... it will take up a whole lot of real estate on the comp table.
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    nzdavidh got a reaction from Uilleann in Trumpeter F-117A WIP .... FINISHED!!!!   
    That shot next to Showtime 100 just shows how big the F-117 really is. Amazed to open the 1/48 box and realise how big it is. Is the kit ejection seat underscale - it looks a bit that way,the top of the seat should be up above that last lightning hole?
    An impressive model... the weapons look good finished.
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    nzdavidh got a reaction from Uilleann in Trumpeter F-117A WIP .... FINISHED!!!!   
    Nice repair - great to be able to pull that off. I guess plan B would be the yellow remove before flight cover they put over the FLIR window.
    I think that grey colour is the window sill seal (for want of a better expression) and its on the inside of the window. Possibly something Trumpeter could have provided as a part to paint grey and attach inside the clear part. Nice work masking that off, I hate jobs like that.
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    nzdavidh got a reaction from HerculesPA_2 in 1/32 3D Printed V-1 Flying bomb. Major update.   
    Promising start Eric. There are some great specialist CAD drawing/3D modelling sites on the web. I'll see if I can track down the link, there's one in particular where the forum participants provide a lot of good technical feedback particularly about capturing shapes - I wonder if any one would go for an Erakanoplan in 1/32

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    nzdavidh reacted to williamj in WNW Albatros...   
    Adding nail heads..HGW's unique decal sheet. First pic.only the first three panels have film strips removed leaving behind single nail heads.

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    nzdavidh got a reaction from MARU5137 in HUNTER T7!   
    Great threat, superb modelling , fantastic result... Almost impossible to beat a raspberry ripple
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    nzdavidh reacted to thierry laurent in When will we have correct Vietnam era's MERs & TERs?   
    True. There was not a "MER", nor a "TER" as such. A close check of period pictures show many detail differences.
    NO dimension or shape of the Trumpy parts is correct. :-( I beefed up one plastic TER and one MER starting with Trumpy parts. The global shapes look far better but adding all the details ask for a LOT of time and is not so easy if you want to avoid compromises linked to resin casting... I finally put the parts aside. Considering this thread, I should rather end this!
    The CE ones were not perfect but were correctly shaped. Too bad they and the CAM ones disappeared in spite of the abovementioned compromises. Currently, Tamiya is the best available option. Personally, in spite I've a set of them as well, I'm not very fond of the resin/white metal/photoetched combo used for the Flightpath TERS ...
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