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  1. Looking fantastic Wolf as always. Just amazing! I hope your enjoying the summer weather as much as I am. One bad thing with the good weather here, is it makes it harder for me to get to the bench! I'm sure once the rain returns this fall I'll get back at it, but not too soon (I hope)! See you at the next club meeting, Chuck.
  2. Hey great Wolf! Thanks so much for the offer to share reference materials. I am actually heading out of town myself tomorrow, so I wont be at the May meeting. Hopefully I'll see you out at the June meeting. Take care and have fun tomorrow night, Chuck.
  3. Thanks everyone. I'll be sure to pick those up when the time comes.
  4. I'm hoping to pick up Fishers 1/32 Sea Fury later this year. In light of that I want to start gathering reference materials for this bird. What's the best reference book with lots of cockpit and other details pictures? Thanks in advance, Chuck.
  5. I was fortunate enough to see Wolfs big spit in person tonight and all I can say is WOW! When you see the pics online you just don't realize how small it all is. Once that sinks in you then realize how much smaller the details he has added are! The pics on this thread do not do it justice. Very, veryimpressive! Thanks again Wolf for coming out to the IPMS meeting (and good to finally meet you). I hope to see you there again at future meetings. Have a great week, Chuck.
  6. Looking forward to it Wolfe! You won't believe it, but its finally sunny out here in the lower mainland! Took the family for a drive (east of Fort Langley) and the cars outside temperature display got up to 18! (that in C for those wondering). Enjoy your time with the family and have a safe trip back, Chuck.
  7. ALSO, well said Radu. I will be happy (and buy) pretty much anything Tamiya will be offering in 1/32. They are that good! We live in a great time for 1/32. Who would have imagined not just the subjects offered or in the works (B 25, He 219, Ju 88, not to mention all the WNW great war subjects!) but also with the level of detail that most have! Like I said, its a great time for 1/32
  8. I was wondering (when you have time) if you wouldn't mind sharing a bit on your detail wash technique? It looks like the wash is confined to the base of the raised details. Are you using the detailer washes (with a bit of soap added) then scrubbing the excess off? If so, how much soap do you add, how long do you let the wash sit before you scrubb off the excess and is the wash applied over a gloss surface? Also, any other pointers on your wash technique? Thanks as always for sharing Wolf, Chuck.
  9. Forgot to mention that I have been in touch with Ralph Riese too. I would say that the combo of your detailing and detail painting and his exterior painting and weathering method (like your doing) has to be some of the best in the world right now!
  10. Thanks Wolf. Rick said that he talked to you the other day. We were talking at the last IPMS meeting and he mentioned he knew you. I asked if he had seen your spit build and when he said no, I said that he HAD to have a look. He thought the same thing I did after seeing your build, world class! Anyway, thanks for the offer of showing me first hand. I'm honored! I am actually in the process of casting some resin copies of the spitfire panel so I can try out various detail painting techniques on it before attempting the real thing. I do have some good brushes and am researching how the miniature figure painters do detail painting to try some of thier techniques out on the panel. I need to get some Vallejo paints to use for this and then I'll be ready to go. Thanks again, Chuck.
  11. I've just been going through your amazing spitfire build again (start to finish) and was wondering if you have any pointers about painting tiny details? I cracked open my 1/32 spitfire kit (full of inspiration after reading your thread) and was humbled by how small the instrument panel bezels are! Looking at your cockpit pictures and the level of detail you were able to paint gives the impression that it is easier that it actualy is. It's tiny! Your a mad man Wolf! How in blazes name are you able to paint the panel bezels and other tiny details on the instrument panel? Can you recommend any write ups or other how to's to achieving this degree of finess? What's your secret for fine detail painting? Thanks again for sharing and for also raising the bar for us mear mortals, Chuck.
  12. Hey Wolf. Sent you a pm about your exhaust welds. Chears, Chuck.
  13. I received the excellent silver wings 1/32 He 51 B float plane kit and now need to search for additional references. Can anyone direct me to good photos or drawings of the interior, engine, exhaust and other details? Thanks in advance, Chuck.
  14. I was wondering your thoughts are on the color Tamiya calls out for the cockpit and engine bay of their great 1/32 spitfire kits? They call for unmodified XF 71 for both the cockpit and engine bay. To me it looks a little dark but I'm no RAF expert. What do you guys think?
  15. Does anyone know who makes round instrument bezels in 1/32 that work well with airscales RAF instrument decals? What about the Luftwaffee and U.S. Decals? Do the Waldron offerings work well with airscales items?
  16. I have airscales excellent 1/32 RAF instrument sheet and want to use it to reproduce a spitfire instrument panel. I was wondering who makes the best round instrument bezels in 1/32 that fit with the instruments on the airscale sheet? Waldron or someone else perhaps? I know Wolf Buddee used wire to simulate the bezels on his great spitfire build. Any ideas on this?
  17. I took the plunge and purchased the 1/32 Tamiya spitfire from hobby link Japan. In anticipation of it's arrival, what are the best photo references out there for the Mk IX spit? Thanks in advance, Chuck.
  18. What paint have you been using for your base coat colors and is it airbrushed on?
  19. Wow, I didn't think it possible to brush paint lacquer paints! Thanks for the info, Chuck.
  20. Oops! I went back to re read your thread and I noticed you used floquil paints for the pipes. I haven't used them before so forgive my ignorance, but are they water or solvent based paints? Did you apply them via brush or airbrush? Thanks again, Chuck.
  21. Amazing build Bud! I read you used a generic F4 stencil decalsl set to make up the various bits of writing found in and on the spit. Would you mind sharing what set you found best for this? Also, your metallic bits look great. I think I read you were using a blend of citadel paints metallic range. Is this correct and if so, are they enamels ot water based? How do you apply them, airbrush or by hand? I'm really looking forward to the next update, Chuck.
  22. Thanks Ray. I sent Wolf a pm so I'm hoping hell give me some info as well. The more the better though!
  23. I was reading Wolf Buddee's excellent write up on his 1/32 Tam spit, and noticed he uses 1/48 stencil decals intended for the F4 to make up various placards and writing found in and on His spitfire. Does anyone know what decals sheet he is using for this? I would ask him directly in his spit post but being new, I can only post in this forum. Thanks in advance, Chuck.
  24. I don't know you, but am I the only one who thinks 1/32 scale is in it's heyday? Between Wingnut wings, Tamiya, ZM and Wingscale ( or who ever highjacked there stuff) we seem to be gifted with a ton of exciting new stuff in the larger scale! I was a 1/48 guy myself, but I couldn't resist the urge to jump on the 1/32 bandwagon. After tasting it's goodness I don't think I'll will be going back anytime soon. Woo Hoo!
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