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  1. Hi and an additional picture with one of our former RAF pilot, that shows better the lether helmet, goggles and oxygen mask on the chest : Cheers Norbert
  2. Hi Now that we get close to the 100 years of the Royal air Force (1st of April, 1918), here is a RAF fighter pilot 25 years later, smoking his pipe (gears 1943 and later) The deck-chair frames are to assemble (9 pieces) with the addition of pivots in stretched sprues So far, this figure is available in 1/35 and 1/32 only. I'm looking for a photoetched supplier for the 1/48 and 1/72 scale versions, for the frames. All indication on a good suplier is welcome cheers Norbert
  3. next step : undercoat Tamiya XF 57 buff. The 1/24 mechanics will now go in other hands cheers Norbert
  4. Yes, URL signature expired, changing picture hosting again...Will try to replace them
  5. Hi next step on the figures : a quick pure acetone wash on all the figures. This is done before the primer is fully dry, let's say half an hour to an hour after the spray. cheers Norbert
  6. Hi I see that my solution for the picture does not hold in time, so i try another one... Started (on the right side) the third russian pilot : sprues removed, and sprayed a thin layer of dilluted surfacer cheers Norbert
  7. Hi next is a french navy SAR swimmer, in summer suit : We agreed with the officers to change the head, so I can not show it here. We'll use this one : cheers Norbert
  8. Hi Back to Vietnam war with these two sitted US Army helicopter pilots. They are aquiped with SPH-4 helmets and Chicken plates (that will place them from 1970 to the 80s) Shows here inside the KH Huey, but they are also available in 1/35 and 1/32 scale. Even thiking about 1/24 cheers Norbert
  9. Hi Fab, you can only know her name is....Fab ! Sooo sorry
  10. Hello Next figure is a lady at beach. she's not realy a pin-up, and was developped for a caribbean dio in 1/72 with a ditched airplane wreck. Normaly, I will do a real pin-up later this year. The figure is not done to lay on flat surface, but something more in steps or round. test shot au 72 : 48 on a beach...: Could not resist on a small test on a wing, also in 1/48 We offer this figure from 1/87 to 1/24 scale cheers Norbert
  11. Hi something different with this modern civilian mechanics in dungaree, inittialy made to go with a Renault 4L in 1/24 scale... but here in the picture 1/48 scale Cheers Norbert
  12. and now, we made a french air force airfield falconer,with an eagle shown here in 1/48 scale, but you know we do our figures in larger scales ! ccheers Norbert
  13. Hi small view of the chicken plates (in grey,unpainted) cheers Norbert
  14. Hello ! A second vietnam war era helicopter pilot is now done : helmetin hand and also a pair of chicken plates, already done in 1/48 and 1/32, but that will have his first print today in 1/35) Cheers Norbert
  15. Hi I have news I got 2 weeks ago. It is still happening. Can not tell more cheers Norbert
  16. mail send Mark, and I hope I can scam a russian helmet soon also (well, the 3 most used models)
  17. it's a bit blury, but you can see the pieces flight suit, and the guys wearing what looks like a chicken plate on this video from HAL-3 seawolves https://www.facebook.com/HelicopterHistory/videos/1791996560829915/ hope it works. For me, it was also great to see how they put the armor vest on
  18. Hi next new figure is a US Army helicopter pilot during Vietnam war : here 1/35 and 1/48 and here at 1/35 scale with his Huey (model from Patrick Angénieux) cheers Norbert
  19. A new helmet is available now by Reedoak in different scales : The SPH-4 US Army helicopter pilot helmet was used in the Vietnam war, the golf war to until recently, beeing replaced by the HGU-56/P helmet. Left in 1/35, middle in 1/48, right a post vietnam version with velcro on the back. Helmet is with detailled interior like the others in Reedoak products line. cheers Norbert
  20. Hi Back to french air force ground crew, this time with felin F4 combat dress and haix combat boots, patchs of 75 years Normandie-Niemen squadron on shoulders...Well he could be any current french army soldier... pictures are 1/48 but you know we do different scales and a colourized picture for paint ref... cheers Norbert
  21. There is a guy working on an impressive 1/32 B-17 crew since a good time (walking crew) that will most probably make great (and massive) dios possible. But I keep that all in mind.
  22. Hi second modeller in minime for this year : US Navy deck crew, late 70s, 80s era, with metallic wheel chock from this time frame . 1/48 on the pictures, but is also done in large scale cheers Norbert
  23. Hi Wish you all a great year 2018 We start this year with another scanned modeller, this time an "african-américan" deck crew, a tall black guy that becomes, in miniature, our 14th modern US Navy deck crew A+ Norbert
  24. Hi Here is our french air force pilot #5 thanks to squadron 2/3 : cheers Norbert
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