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  1. Ian A

    1/24 Airfix Mustang

    This is great work, Adrian. Very impressive. Ian
  2. Ian A

    Help, I have shrinkage!

    I'll drag mine out and have a look at it tonight. Maybe there's a trend, or maybe you're unlucky. Once it's cured it shouldn't shrink, as far as I know, so it's possibly the later, in which case they should sort you out. I always found them great to deal with.
  3. Ian A


    Sweet work! What a great build. Ian
  4. Ian A

    Shinden-Kai WIP

    Great build, mate, and I love your comments about stretching yourself as a modeler. It really adds to the satisfaction, doesn't it. Well done.
  5. Ian A

    Doyusha N1K2-J "George"

    This is coming on nicely Kev. Looking forward to more. Cheers Ian
  6. Ian A

    R-G Ju88

    Charles! We've even learned to build statues to our musical deities. I'll tip him a nod from Chigagoland next time I'm down in Freo. I wonder if he was a modeler? http://www.news.com.au/perthnow/story/0,21...83-2761,00.html
  7. Ian A

    Doyusha N1K2-J "George"

    Hi Kev Been lurking for a while, haven't had time to model but I'll be watching this build with interest. I have one in the stash, and played around with it a year or two back. I have the Aero Detail book, but would recommend grabbing the Hasegawa kit in 1/48th and using it as a reference for rebuilding the cockpit. Best of luck ! Ian
  8. Ian A

    Hasegawa Emil

    Some nice work here mate. Most inspiring. Ian
  9. Ian A

    Personal question.

    Some really interesting life stories, and some strong similarities. I'm 46, born in Liverpool UK, grew up in Oxford, came to Australia as a feckless youth and never went back. My Dad made me an F-4 Phantom and a Lightning in 1/72nd when I was 8 or 9, and I hung them from my bed room ceiling, and started making my own messes with glue and paint in the shed.. The Oxfordshire skys were full of US and British military aircraft back then, and summers were spent at airshows at Farnborough and Abingdon, Little Rissington, Brize. One of my Dad's cousins was a Lancaster VC, and I (and I suspect my Dad) worshiped him. My early career culminated in a Revel 1/32 F4u, but girls and booze and Rugby called. I started modelling again, very badly, about 5 years back, but rarely finish anything. I work in marketing and sales in building and land development, but look forward all week to meeting a group of like minded souls over coffee most Saturdays, and talking kits.
  10. Ian A

    Hasegawa Emil

    It's all relative, mate. Keep in touch. I'll work out the postage as an exercise in the mean time. I'll send a PM. Cheers Ian
  11. Ian A

    Hasegawa Emil

    Kev Only just caught up on this thread. I think I've got two Matchbox E's in the stash, so I could afford to lose one. See how you go at Box Hill this w/e. If you strike out drop me a line and we'll work something out. Cheers Ian
  12. Ian A

    Hasegawa Fw 190A-8

    Mate, I can see how you earned the re-animator tag. This is a fascinating build! And your defence of the skerrick of perfectly acceptable scratch building you were forced to use was up there with Eric "Otter" Stratten's defence of the toga party in Animal House-a classic of its kind! Ian
  13. Ian A

    Beaufighter Nightfighter

    Just wanted to add my praise to the chorus-this is fine work. I too am intrigued by the braided brake line. And I shall be experimenting with Mr Cauchi's roundel masking technique. Great thread.
  14. Ian A

    PCM Spitfire update.

    Thanks for the update Graham. I'm looking forward to this one! Ian
  15. Ian A

    Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb

    Whoops-stuffed up the quotation feature there! Sorry.