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  1. Very interesting technique , must try this asap !
  2. Very interesting color scheme , I'll keep my eyes on .
  3. At last ! This is a real unique theme , I will look very close .Go for it Loic !
  4. Thank you all for your comments . No reference , is just the result of a logical thinking .
  5. So many kindly words ! Thank you all my friends ...
  6. Thank you all for your warm words ! Out2gtcha :Thanks alot for your time ...
  7. Hello guys , this is my latest build. A "what if..." desert Ho229. Hope you like it.I will try to shot some better photos soon and post them. http://img901.imageshack.us/img901/9342/v89BBQ.png http://img537.imageshack.us/img537/8259/Slfwpc.png http://img661.imageshack.us/img661/6783/9IJF5s.png http://img540.imageshack.us/img540/3528/Ikzomg.png http://img913.imageshack.us/img913/5368/T91iRK.png http://img673.imageshack.us/img673/5766/y6lktw.png
  8. Here : http://www.sharkit.com/sharkit/engines/EnginesEarly.htm you can find what you ask.The photo on the site is for the 1/72 engine,but there is also a 1/32 version.Ask Renaud (mangallon@orange.fr) or (renax@club-internet.fr) about the details .
  9. So as easily conclude from all this is that Hasegawa's kit is the most accurate,right ? This would be useful to have in mind the next time I will start a P-47 model.In any case,thank you all...
  10. Here we are again ! Theo , are a great connoisseur of the P-47 and sends me some great scans,in 1/32 ! Then I print it (in original size) and compare it with the model.See the pictures and you will take an idea for what we are talking about.The wing is still undersized - I don't know yet about the fuselage,I haven't printed , but I believe will be the same as before (good in general shape and dimensions ) unlike with the wing... Note the drawing is original 1/32 scaled...
  11. Yes,drawings are very accurate,I've measured twice before open this topic.Warbird Tech #23 , P-47 in detail and scale , Aero detail #14 etc. agree to the P-47D-25 dimensions : Length 10,92 m or 36 ft. 1 in. Wing span : 12,43 m or 40 ft. 9 in. In 1/32 that means length 341,6 mm and wing span 388,4 mm . My reference drawings are agree with those,but the model's wing span still remain shorter...
  12. Hello fellas,here's one for the US airplanes experts : I am thinking about start building the 1/32 Trumpeter's P-47D (kit code 02263) and searching for reference drawings I found this : Fuselage's general dimensions and shape is not bad , with a small exception on the belly (it is more big bellied but not too much ) but the real wrong is on the wing dimensions .As you can see in the picture,the wing is right in shape,but shorter than the comparing drawing about 20mm (10mm on the root and more 10mm in the wingtip). Is that right,meaning some surgery on the wing,or something else it happens ? Gentlemen, your advice please !
  13. Very interesting start,good luck and have fun !
  14. Thank you all for your comments.The panel lines are not pre shaded,this is the result of post shading with pastel and soft pencil dust.
  15. The truth is that construct it without consulting my reference books , more like a an artistic approach .Thank you for your kindly comments.
  16. Hello my friends ! Last few days I finish this . Gentlemen,your comments are very welcomed... And some from the bench : All best,thank you for your time...
  17. Steve, Eduard's engine is a P&W R-2800-31 and is not used in P-61A.For -A version you need a R-2800-10 engine.If this can help you,here you can find a review about this (R-2800-31), together with a photograph of the engine you are interested , and some comments on the differences between the different versions : http://www.fhms.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=160:148-r-2800-31-engine&catid=39:eduard-brassin-set&Itemid=61
  18. One of my favorites "modern" birds and a great model.You must be proud for this...
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