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  1. Hi Kevin..pm sent Thanks for the opportunity..and..thanks guys for the support
  2. Sure Kevin..it's ok with me. and thanks again guys..stay tune for my other project Thanks
  3. Thanks Bob Not much reference picture on the net..you can just search "ju87c" as for the dive breaks..the wings cannot be fully folded back if the dive break attach. http://www.warbirdsr.../LRG/ju87c.html http://wwiimodeller....factory-photos/..good reference for JU 87 http://www.asisbiz.c...ers-Ju-87A.html..and another one Thanks
  4. Thanks guys..i'm still a beginner..although aircraft and helicopter is not my favourite subject coz all those clear parts ..i try my best to build and duplicate it as close as the real thing. And a few of my other past builds Thank you very much
  5. Thanks guys..I'am not an expert about this plane or pronounce parts on it..here a few detail what i have done to it Thanks
  6. This is an old Airfix 1/24 Ju-87B-2 kit. Did a few modification to this kit and convert it from Ju-87B-2 to Ju87C with folded wing and tail hook that used on Graf Zeppelin aircraft carrier during WW2. Enjoy the photos. Thanks Blackheart
  7. My latest project MRC/Academy 1:35 UH-60L Blackhawk with Eduard PE Not much..just want to share Enjoy Thanks
  8. Thanks guys..basically this is an old 1/32 revell kit then I convert it to Mk10 and abit history about this plane: Beaufighter Mk 10, OB-A of No.45 Sqn, Negumbo, Ceylon suffered a fatal crash at Butterworth (Malaya / Malaysia) on 11th February 1949. and yes Neil it's original raised detail but not a fun kit to build and I want to share a few of my works this year with you guys. 1/24 Bandai Shidenkai 1/24 MPC P-51D Mustang 1/35 Trumpeter Mil Mi-4 Hound Scratch built 1/35 PACV 1/35 Heller Super Freelon Enjoy guys
  9. Awesome build..I like it..but just 1 thing..should the glass canopy weathered too?..like glass stain or something?
  10. Hi guys..I'm new here..just want to share a few of my latest project Enjoy Thanks
  11. This is way toooo colllll..need elocate big space for it..mmmm..just wondering how many aftermarket parts will hit the market
  12. For a batter control normally I use Gunze tyre black..its batter then standard black..but for a lighter subject I use dark gray..depends on subject
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