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  1. Sorry I'm not sure what my browser cache is. But when I click the icon the screen greys a bit like it normally would for the pop up window to appear then stops.
  2. Not sure why but I'm unable to add new pictures by clicking on the image icon.
  3. Very interesting project. The research is my favorite part of starting a model.
  4. I'm using dodgem37's drop tank build as a guide for my attempt. I was going to use MDCs resin replacement ,but decided to try my hand at working the kit piece into shape. Here I have assembled the halves. I'm going to carefully replace the ribbing detail I sanded off. I used a small bit to add the attachment point detail. I drilled a hole into the top of each attachment point and put platic rod into the tank. The MDC resin piece was then modified to take the kit piece. In some photos the drop tanks have a drain plug and some do not. My thinking is that maybe when the tanks are new they do not have the drain plug fitting. I wish i owned the circle, hex punch tool.I went about making the hex nut a little unorthodox. A little heat Some plastic Finished. Drain plug nut.
  5. A little rescribing on the front, under nose section. Did alot of research on the correct panel lines for a 109K4. I also discovered in my research that the tanks in the nose are incorrect for a 109K in the Hasagawa kit. Here is a shot of the electric motor at home.
  6. I agree kaiyudsai. The seat belts need some attention when i get ready to make the final placement. First I need to do the instrument panel, and so far I'm unhappy with my results. I'm going to give the Eduard SA color panel a try. So until I place that order I have moved on to the Nose Section, getting it set for the electric motor. I'm using MDC spinner collars, adding them to the kit part. I drilled out the plastic locating pin so the resin collar will slide over. I will replace the pin so alignment of the blades shouldn't be an issue. Here I have modified the kit spinner base to except a MK 108 gun barrel from Master Model Poland.
  7. Here are the MDC MG131 Ejection Chutes installed. A very simple upgrade
  8. I'M BACK! I finished up the custom canopy setup and began the underbelly pan modifications.
  9. Thanks Mark. I have been reading your K4 build along with Radu's to help me along, and when ever I get a little discouraged I go on over to take a look at Loic's Do-335. A truely amazing build. Thanks again for everyones comments Akondo
  10. I've decided I didn't like the rivets/screws on the panel I scribed. They seem to large. So I have removed them and will go a little smaller I think. I also have removed the MDC resin piece by the pilots compartment and went with the RB Productions Erla Kit. I thought I would give it a go...I love the detail and how well it is designed...unfortunately my skill level with photoetched parts is not very good. I will still be using some of the kit though. Kit piece next to the RB (with an eduard top due to my heavy hand) Here I am using the kit canopy and scratch building some interior details. I pre-painted with RLM66 and used testors clear cement a little at a time held in place with with some poster tac. Again let me say how nice both the MDC and RB Productions aftermarket kits are they are amazing works. I will be ordering a new Erla kit to have another shot at it for my next 109. Thanks All Akondo
  11. Ok here is my first attempt at a home made template. It is a bit smaller width wise than what was there originally. I'll give it a day and look at it agian and decide if i like it. moving onto the storage compartment. Here is my MDC/Eduard high breed. I still need to add seat belt anchors and the de-icing unit. Thanks Akondo
  12. Thanks for the tip. Its slow going for me but I love this kind of work. Again thanks for looking and sharing information. Akondo
  13. Impressive Work! Love seeing scratch building. I'm looking forward to more posts Akondo
  14. Awesome! Thanks for the input. I have continued the process of scribing and test fitting. I filled the underbelly hatch with CA (due to the sanding and fitting) and now cannot find the correct shape template for scribing I'm going to have to come up with a custom job. Here is a shot of my Tail wheel area. A test fitting of my fuel overfill drain tube...I tried a couple of things this example is paper and white glue. Thanks for looking Akondo
  15. Does the K4 have two over flow tubes at the spots indicated by the red arrows? One for the Fuel and the other for the MW-50. Or do the both share an over flow tube. The kit piece suggests two but I cannot seem to find any pictures to support this. Thanks for any help Akondo
  16. Thanks Harv. With my focus on the storage compartment I decided to recheck my reference material and found this These are from the JaPo 109K and Scmolot mysliwski Messerschmitt Bf109K books. I also found on page 119 of the Bf109K-4 Flugzeug-Handbuch an image that clearly shows the compartment shape being more like the eduard photoetched piece. My thinking is that maybe the other shapes were more for the G-10s and the "eduard" shape was the factory built K-4s Just something to think about. (not that it will be seen) Akondo
  17. Thanks for the comments. The motor came with the Dynamic Scale Modeling sound board kit. Ran into a slight issue...the MDC piece is a hair too small...soooo I think I may just do a high breed mix of the kit and MDC pieces.
  18. I completed the seams running down the spine and belly. Also finished scribing the tail-wheel doors(2 trys). So now I'm working on the small compartment door behind the pilot. From left to right is the kit piece, MDC, and a Eduard photo-etched piece. I like the MDC one.
  19. I'm back to continue work on my 109K4. With the help of the forums I was able to go through and see where I left of and to get re-inspired with this project. I glued the halves together and closed off the tail wheel doors. There was a bad alignment issue at the base of the tail, but some putty and fine sanding should fix the problem. I purchased a Loon Models tail. Since I'm running a light to the back I chose to modify the kit piece. Now I need to figure out how to scribe the tail doors on.
  20. Finally, cockpit complete! The tail was warped...so I cut it off to do some tweaking The motor is on its mount that I made out of styrene. I also modified the kit piece to accept the new propeller rod. Thanks for looking Shawn
  21. Looks great! As for masking the wheel wells I like to raid my kids 'Play-doh' It fills in nice and is easy to remove. Shawn
  22. This is the part of the hobby I really enjoy. The research and the discussions on the subject is my favorite part. The books and pictures one pours over to find a detail that most people wouldn't even see. It's funny the amount of books I have purchased over the last few years since really getting into the hobby. I painted the line next to the pilot yellow due to this picture I found in the JaPo book on the 109K4. It appears that the line comes from a small fuel tank used for priming the engine during starting. Not 100% sure but that was my thinking...it would be nice to be able read the print in the rest of the book. Again, thanks all for looking and commenting. Shawn
  23. Oxygen hose creation Completed pilot figure...minus the hook up to the oxygen supply. First attempt at preshading. I need to upgrade my compressor from my small but trusty Testors mini blue. Almost there....
  24. Slow builds is my middle name. Sometimes after work and the kids are in bed I get to work on her for a whole half hour before the Sandman comes knocking on my door. Thanks Shawn
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