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  1. does anyone make a seamless intake for either or bth widemouth and normal intake? Bruce
  2. thats a lot of work and a beautiful job to hand off to a nephew. I hope he is an adult and appreciates all the time an effort you put into it. Bruce
  3. Gomer, not to rain on your parade...a lot has been written about the wing of the P-51 having a sealed and painted wing as compared to bare metal. I tried to achieve that appearance (but failed) on my model by actually painting the wing with Alclad. In the end the alclad looks in the photos as if it was foil. In fact, when I went to enter it in the nationals part of the painted area of the outer wing got damaged and I couldn't repaint it so I took some Bare Metal Foil and covered the panel and the matching one on the other wing! See this article over on aircraftresourcecenter.com http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....showtopic=21362 the article goes over the whole subject. Bruce
  4. great looking foil jobs Bruce
  5. thanks, yours is coming along fine. you can also change the direction of the foil. you might notice that the foil has a grain to it and if you change the direction of the grain it will pick up the light differently. bruce
  6. the F-4E/Gs shifted to the F-15s high speed tank. The Revell F-15E kit has the correct size tank. I made the masters for the CE WRM tank using the Revell tank to start with. Bruce
  7. looking good. here is a Hasegawa kit I covered with foil and painted some areas silver. you know you can use the dullside of household foil. use a photo spray adhesive to attach it. Bruce
  8. a way to confirm that the drawing is getting blown up equally in the x and y plane is to draw two lines perpendicular to each other. on the lines, make a reference mark on the line. if the drawing is 1/48 scale and you draw a 4 inch line on each reference line, then when the drawing is 1/32 scale the two reference lines should measure 6 inches( 1.5 times larger). if they do then the copies is blowing things up eavenly in both x and y planes. Bruce
  9. good point...I've been working on/off on the YF kit and guess I'll just fininsh it as a prototype. Bruce
  10. you have to ask why Testor's hasn't retooled their YF-22 to a F-22. Hopefully the Lindberg F-35 won't cost an arm and leg.
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