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C-54D Cockpit/Interior Colors

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Picked up Revell's C-54D.  Anyone know any good references for the cockpit and interior colors?  The instructions say interior green for the cockpit and the interior areas.  The few pictures I can find of cockpits show a gray color.  Not sure if they are original paint or repaints.  The landing gear bays and other areas do appear to be interior green on most photos.

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Douglas C-54D Skymaster (N3054V) Aircraft Pictures & Photos - AirTeamImages.com


Zoom in or click on 'larger' image to see it better.


Here to see contrast  between C-54 D and C-54A.




So I googled  C-54D Cockpit  and its interior and this popped up.See below.



Douglas C-54... Skymaster (DC-4) - Spain - Air Force | Aviation Photo #1335302 | Airliners.net



56514 | Douglas C-54D Skymaster | United States - US Navy (USN) | djlpbb40 | JetPhotos




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C54 cockpit colours varied depending on who operated it originally.  US Army planes were usually interior green and US Navy planes were usually a bluey shade of gray.  Most DC-4's in civilian use were originally C-54's with only about 200 DC-4's being new builds for the airlines.  I seem to recall that most civilian DC-4's sported a similar colour to the Navy planes.



Hope this helps,


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