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Rivets & panel lines and different colored washes

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Hello all, so I'm still hard at work (with significant progress and pictures soon, I always seem to want to make more progress instead of taking photos, but I have been taking lots along the way to show most of the steps for an eventual WIP) on "Projekt Flanker" (1/32 arctic diorama featuring 3 highly modified with resin and scratch building Su-27s, 1 Mi-8 Hip, various ground vehicles, tarmac equipments, light posts, tow bars, ladders, etc.), I'm concentrating working on the Su-27s right now, and I'm fully riveting each one (very time consuming) to help with making the weathering effects more convincing and apparent.  A lot of the rivets are mostly filed down on the real plane and then painted over, its only after significant weathering, wear/tear, bleaching, and chipping that more of these rivets start to show.  


So to help with this effect, I was thinking of making the rivets that are exposed where the paint has worn/weathered away to have more contrast, i.e. they would be dark grey (maybe brown in some areas)or black, and then I thought of maybe using either a light blue, medium blue, or grey (the main camouflage colors of the Flanker) on the rivets and panels where the paint is still there or hasn't weathered and faded away so much.  Certainly, if this doesn't work, removing the washes isn't typically too hard with a good gloss coat and some mineral spirits; but to finally cut to the chase, I was wondering if someone has ever tried a  similar technique, if so, how did it work for you?  Does it look convincing or odd?  Photos would be helpful too to see how the effect in question actually looks.


Thanks for your time



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I did something similar, tho not as involved as you're suggesting, on a Dragon P-51D. 



I used a black wash throughout but on the black invasion stripe I used either white or light gray, I don't recall.




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