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The New Minicraft T-34A Mentor: Reviewed


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Hey Guys,


For those of you that occasionally delve into 1/48 scale aircraft, the new Minicraft T-34A is out and reviewed here:




I've tried to address the riveting issue's raised on other sites by making a pictorial comparison between the kit and a 1:1 Mentor.

Bottom Line: To me the rivets are not a big deal; nothing that can't be handled with a little sandpaper and re-scribing if you choose to do so.


We'll see how the kit is received.......







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I have the Czech Model kit at home. It's on my "to move" pile (only due to scale), but it is a decent kit.

I do however love the subject. It's quite a tiny 1:1 aircraft.

I really love the T-34. The minecraft kit looks good, better than the CM kit, but still such a tiny model it makes me yearn for a T-34 in 32nd.

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